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Sometimes We Get Sick

It happens. You’re cruising along really great with your workouts and healthy eating and then WHAM! You get struck with sickness. For whatever reason, you’ve caught something nasty and now you feel awful. So, what do you do? Tough it out and push through your workouts because you don’t want to lose any ground you’ve gained? What about those people who swear that “sweating it out” is the best cure for being sick?

Maybe for some people, at certain points of some sickness, doing some exercise might help them get rid of whatever it is they’ve got, but most of the time, the best thing really is to rest. Whatever illness your body is fighting against, working out will likely wear you down further. You’re making your body’s energy go to the workout and repair from that workout, rather than getting you healthy again. The last thing you want to do is drag out your sickness or make it worse. Rest up! Don’t feel guilty for missing workouts, that’s never worth it. The workouts will still be there when you recover, and your body will thank you.


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Don’t Believe the Hype

You can’t surf the net without being bombarded by ads for food that fight fat, the ultimate diet or quick fix workout program.

Writers need to be wary of agents who approach them and say if the author pays them x amount of dollars, the agent will get them published and make them famous. The same thing applies to anyone trying to take your money in exchange for a shortcut to health and fitness results. These people are salespeople whose sole aim is to take your money. I think because it’s the health and fitness industry, people believe what they see. How could anyone possibly steer someone wrong about their health? Sorry, but there are cut throats in the fitness industry too.

I’m a big fan of Pinterest, but I sometimes cringe when I see a quick fix workout pasted on a picture of a super fit model. First, behind those quick fix workouts are links to sites either selling something or getting paid to advertise something. Second, those models in the Pinterest photos did NOT get their physiques by following the 10 minute workout that’s posted along with their photo. I’m not saying that the workouts aren’t valuable, any time you’re getting up and moving, it’s a good thing, but it’s also false advertising. What’s the harm in that? This is what happens. Someone with the best intention does the 10 minute workout diligently for a month, maybe more. They being to get discouraged because they’re not looking like the model in the picture they’ve been staring at every time they workout and inevitably they end up quitting.pinterestworkout


There is no magic pill, there is no magic food, there is no magic workout. I’m sorry, but it’s true. Consumer beware, as they say. Remember the health and fitness industry is a business, like any other and their goal is to make money. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, people who are passionate about health and fitness and who want to help people. Helping people live healthy lifestyles are what they do for a living (says the personal trainer) but those people will tell it to you like it is. They won’t try and sell you a pill or a quick fix. They’ll tell you the same thing I am. It takes time. It takes dedication and even sacrifices to get true lasting results.

Save your money, go out and do a physical activity you enjoy and eat a sensible diet. Or, do some research and find someone who will give it to you straight up and won’t try to sell you a quick fix. Instead, they’ll give you an opportunity to make permanent changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

*originally published in my Fitness Nerd column at THE FUNCTIONAL NERDS.


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