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Periodization Training

When planning your fitness program, it is a good idea to use the principle of periodization in order to make continuous forward improvement while avoiding burn out.

Periodization is a principle used in may sports. It involves planning your workout year into smaller segments to avoid overtraining while consistently making improvements.

Four to six weeks is about the right length of time for one program, but everyone is different and it really depends on the individual. My length of time is short, I can’t go more than four to five weeks of really intense training before I need a break. How did I learn that? By listening to my body over the years (and it took time!) and learning how much it could handle.

The length of time will also depend on how intense your workout weeks are. Easing into a program for a couple of weeks would allow you to go longer without needing a break. Don’t fall into the mindset that working out different body parts, or in different ways will give your body rest. When you workout, your entire neuromuscular system is affected every time, meaning it doesn’t matter if you’re training upper body one day and going for a bike ride the next, your entire body is affected and it needs breaks.

A week of active rest will gives your body time to recover, and helps you refresh mentally. Take it easy that week. If you’re lifting weights, lift at about 50% of what you normally do. If you’re swimming six days a week, back it off for two or three easy swims that week. Whatever your activity, you can apply the 50% per cent rule to give your body a rest, or take the entire week off.

After the rest week, ease back into your new program, steadily increasing the effort until you surpass the point you were at before you took the break. For a specific event, a running race, cycling race, physique competition, whatever it may be, work your way backwards from the date of the competition in blocks of weeks, figuring out where your rest weeks should fall so that you peak for the competition.

Using periodization will help avoid the stops and starts associated with overtraining and will have you progressing steadily to higher and higher levels of fitness.


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Health Tips I Learned from my Cats

1. Sleep whenever you can.

It’s always a good idea to get enough sleep, but often we don’t get the sleep we need at night. If you don’t, well then if the opportunity presents itself, take a nap! I used to feel guilty about taking naps, like I was being lazy and/or not being productive. Turns out, I feel better and get more done when I can fit in a power nap.


2. After sleeping or sitting, always stretch.

You’ve all seen this, when cats get up, they have to stretch (usually at least twice) before they do anything else. Stretching is great for our bodies, to get out the kinks, get circulation back and to have our bodies functioning better. What if you were to do a nice big full body stretch every time you got up from your computer? You’d feel more cat-like and agile, I’ll bet.


3. Don’t eat too much or too fast.

If you do, you’ll upset your tummy. (and if you’re a cat, your quickly eaten dinner may end up on the floor) Sound advice, right? I think too often we forget that, though. Take your time, enjoy your food, and you’re less likely to overeat.


4. Bathe regularly and with great intent.

I mean it! Obviously good hygiene is important, but so is relaxing your body and brain. Relax, have a bath or a shower, or if you’re lucky to have access to one, enjoy a soak in a hot tub. Or just relax with your favourite downtime activity.


5. Run around like crazy at least once a day, just for fun.

Whether you pretend you’re chasing someone or being chased, it doesn’t matter. Get up, move around, have some fun. (ie, move your body!)


6. Don’t take life too seriously.

Last, but not least, enjoy life and don’t take it, or yourself too seriously. Your mental and physical health will improve greatly.


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