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Fundraising for Kitties at Fan Expo

Are you planning on going to Fan Expo Vancouver? If so, a bunch of crafty friends and I will have a table in Artist Alley with amazing wares to sell. We’ll be at booth A108. All proceeds from my sales will be going to Katie’s Place Animal Shelter.

Benson-Featured Pet at Katie's Place Animal Shelter!

Benson-Featured Pet at Katie’s Place Animal Shelter!

Come buy cool stuff for a good cause! I’ve made hats, lots of hats, for adults, small humans and even smaller humans.



Small human hats!

Small human hats!

Even smaller human hats!

Even smaller human hats!

HUGE THANK YOU to my awesome friend Bo Buckley for making these equally awesome Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Wristlets/Dice Bags. They’re so fabulous.


GoT Dragon Egg Bags by Bo Buckley!

GoT Dragon Egg Bags by Bo Buckley!


Since it’s going to a cat charity, I’ve also got cat toys to sell! Big thanks to my mom for working hard to make a bunch of adorable, catnip filled toys for your furry masters, I mean, pets! These are highly cat nipped, I’ve had to lock them away from my cats who chewed through the bag to get at them!

Catnip cat toys!

Catnip cat toys!


Hope to see you there!



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I’ve invented my own charity event..the Craft-athon for Critters.

Not only that, I have co-erced my mom into doing it with me. Here’s what we’ve decided to do.

EVENT DATE: January 31st, 9am to 9pm 

OUR GOAL: Raise money for our SPCA while making Snuggles blankets for the homeless cats and dogs.

PLAN: 12 hours of knitting and crocheting cat and dog blankets. We’ll do as many blankets as we can in that time, then donate them all to the SPCA, and gather sponsor donations.

I’ve set up a donation button on the Charity page of my website, hint hint…in case anyone would like help us on our quest to help the homeless cats and dogs by making a charitable donation. You know, maybe sponsor us per hour, for example, $1 an hour for $12, or something like that. OR, make a donation to your local animal shleter in honour of our attempt!

If you’re a crafty person and would like to join in from your own location, contact me to let us know! We can do it together, encouraging and supporting each other while making some animals very happy!

Here’s some pics of some of the blankets I’ve done in the past for the SPCA and the Chihuahua Rescue foundation…with my blanket tester helping me out, because, you know, you can’t send the blankets out until they’ve been kitteh approved:

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