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Two Things to Brag About

Sound the alarm, I have two publications to brag about at once, a personal essay and a short story. Lightspeed’s Women Destroy SF special issue went out to readers, including my personal essay, We Are the Army of Women Destroying SF. This issue is edited entirely by women, written by women and includes the fabulous cover art of Hugo winning female artist, Galen Dara. It’s available as an ebook or trade paperback. All together there’s more than 180,000 words of material, including: 11 original short stories, 15 original flash fiction stories, 4 short story reprints and a novella reprint, 7 nonfiction articles, and 28 personal essays by women about their experiences reading and writing science fiction. I highly recommend checking it out!

Women Destroy Science Fiction Cover (by Galen Dara!)

Women Destroy Science Fiction Cover (by Galen Dara!)

Also, in the fiction realm, my story, The Matron, is currently out in issue 18 of Luna Station Quarterly. If you like, YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO READ MY STORY! (not subtle at all) Be sure to take a look at all the other great stories on content on the site!

Luna Station Quarterly!

Luna Station Quarterly!



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Story Sale!

Happy to announce I’ve sold my short story, The Matron, to Luna Station Quarterly. I really like this story and hope that others do too. Luna Station Quarterly is “a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories by up and coming women authors.” I’ll blog (and brag) about it again when it’s available. Hooray!

In the meantime, you can check out the other stories, blog posts and other great stuff on their site here.

Luna Station Quarterly



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How to Scare People

It’s my turn over at the Inkpunks blog and I’m going to send you over there to check out my post. I wrote about what I learned from the workshop at VCon with Dan Wells on how to scare people. It’s great stuff, you should read it. I can say that without bragging because it’s really all just Dan’s great advice I’m repeating. Go! Now! Learn How to Scare People.

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My Website Makeover

It seems kind of odd to be blogging about my website that links to this blog, but I know some people only see the blog posts.  Therefore I’m happy to say my author website has a brand new look!

I’d been working on putting up a new design for a while, then got a kick of motivation when my site got hacked (boo) and needed a complete overhaul. It did force me to put the time and effort in and voila! I have a new site.

I’m still working on it, but I’m pretty pleased with it right now. I think. It’s a work in progress. You know, just like writing.




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My VCon 38 Experience

I’ve always loved VCon. It was my very first convention back in 2008 when I had just started writing again. I was blown away by all the writing advice I received, the costumes and the fabulous people there. I didn’t know anyone, I sat in all the panels and scribbled as many notes as I could, attended readings and wandered the art show and dealer room in wide eyed wonder. This year was just as exciting, except now I know lots of those fabulous people, I’m giving readings and sitting on panels in hopes of paying it forward with advice for other new writers.

Panel on writing your inner villain. I think it's working for me.

Panel on writing your inner villain. I think it’s working for me.

This year I was especially excited about our author guests of honour, Dan Wells and Mur Lafferty. It was so great to have them both here and to sit on panels with them. My two favourite sessions of the weekend were the Writing Girly Women (with Mur) and getting to host the Q and A with Dan. Thanks to both of them for being so much fun.

Over the weekend I was on nine panels, hosted the SF Canada party, did a reading at the book launch and did a reading on my own. Phew! I really thought I’d get three people to my reading and told myself I’d be thrilled if I could get five people there. To my absolute surprise and delight, my reading was standing room only! Okay, it was a small room, but still, it felt awesome and thanks so much to all of those who came out. It was the cookies, wasn’t it? I had a blast and I appreciate the support.

Reading at VCon!

Reading at VCon!

Some of my American friends have wandered up to VCon lately and it was great to get to hang out with Tod McCoy and Keffy Kehrli. Please come back again! I also got to spend some quality time (i.e. drinks and/or food) with Katrina Archer, Katherine Wagner, Leanne Tremblay, Kristi Charish, Rhea Rose, Joseph Picard, TG Sheperd, and Joe Fulgham. Also, always great to catch up the epically cool Devon Boorman from Acadamie Duello (no, really, some day you may meet Devon and realize I am right). Huge thanks to my amazing friend Andrea Westaway, who acted as my mini entourage and helped with the SF Canada party. You’re the best! Of course, what’s a convention without making new friends? This year was a jackpot for that, I am so glad to have met so many great people, including Jessica Steiner, JP McLean, Lisa Voisin and many more old friends and new friends I’m forgetting to mention, but you know who you are.

With the lovely pirate Rhea Rose!

With the lovely pirate Rhea Rose!

Big props to everyone involved in putting on VCon, from the committee to all the volunteers. It really is a fabulous event and I’m so excited to have the Aurora awards included next year. Hmmmm. I wonder if I can get onto the ballot?

Thanks again to everyone I saw and talked to at the con for making it another fantastic experience.

With the VCon costume winner!

With the VCon costume winner!


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My VCon Schedule

I’m excited for VCon 38 this weekend! I’ll be on several panels and I’m doing two readings, one at the book launch on Friday night and one on my own on Saturday. This year we have great guests of honour including Dan Wells and Mur Lafferty. There’s always lots to do at VCon, panels, discussions, readings, the art show, gaming, dealers room, crafting and much more.

This year’s theme is pirates!

You can see the whole schedule online HERE. VCon is using the great site, so you can choose lots of options for viewing. Say, for example, you wanted to find out when a particular guest was doing panels and readings (ahem) you can click on their name and see their entire schedule. To save you the trouble of clicking on my name, I’ve included my schedule below. The book launch is open to everyone, the panels and other reading I’m doing are part of the convention membership.

Come join the fun!


Friday, October 4

2:00pm  Marketing Short Fiction and Poetry 

 3:00pm  Publicity: The Good, The Bad and the Bonkers

4:00pm  TAURINE : Legacy of Jolt

7:00pm Book Launch (reading)

8:00pm Writing Girly Women

Saturday, October 5

11:00am  Interview with Dan Wells

1:30pm  Author Reading: Sandra Wickham

5:00pm  Drawing Out the Dark Side: Tapping Into Your Inner Villain

Sunday, October 6

10:00am  Pirates vs. Ninjas

11:00am  Writing for Fighting



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Urban Green Man Release Party

Tomorrow we’re having an Urban Green Man Release Party over at the fabulous site, Bitten By Books. Come chat with more than 24 authors from the anthology (including me!) and one lucky visitor will win a $50 Amazon electronic gift certificate, provided by the publisher, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing.

Urban Green Man

Urban Green Man

Last I checked, 46 people have already RSVP’d! It should be a fun event and I hope to see you there! Here’s some information on the anthology, as well as more on the event from Bitten By Books:

The stories in the Urban Green Man anthology are ripe with the magic of new beginnings, and may change the way you look at life forever!

With an introduction by Charles de Lint, Urban Green Man is a glorious anthology of urban and contemporary short literature, from an international cast of authors.

Each story follows the theme of renewal, surrounding the mythology of the Green Man.

Grand Prize:$50.00 Amazon Gift Card

RSVP at this link: and get 25 entries to the prize portion of the contest when you show up on the day of the event. 

Here are some of the authors who you will have a chance to chat with on Wednesday.
Janice Blaine
Satyros Phil Brucato
Gary Budgen
Suzanne Church
Karlene Tura Clark
Michael J. DeLuca
Eileen Donaldson
Sarina Dorie
Kim Goldberg
Alyxandra Harvey
Michael Healy
Rhiannon Held
Miriah Hetherington
Adria Laycraft
Susan MacGregor
Micheal J. Martineck
Heather M. O’Conner
Goldeen Ogawa
Celeste A. Peters
Martin Rose
Peter Storey
Calie Voorhis
Maaja Wentz
Sandra Wickham
Eileen Wiedbrauk
Nu Yang

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