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100 Happy Days

I’ve just started participating in the 100 Happy Days Challenge. It’s a simple concept, you take a photo every day of something that makes you happy, for one hundred days in a row. The one hundred part is a bit daunting, but I figure if I can do 100 pushups, 100 sit ups and 100 deep squats for my black belt fitness test, I can do this.

Day One: Making preemie caps for the hospital

Day One: Making preemie caps for the hospital

I’m in the early stages of 100 Happy Days and right now it seems easy. I find myself excited to pick something to post and even thinking ahead to what I can post the next day, and the next day. That’s the point, really, to get yourself focused on the good things in your life. We’ll see how I feel about it when it’s day seventy, but I hope to see this out to the one hundred day finish line. Wish me luck. And also happiness.

My Mom

My Mom

Uncle Fatih's pizza on cheat food night.

Uncle Fatih’s pizza on cheat food night.

Today’s is easy. I’m currently at our Ink Club meeting for January, something I started up to give writers, artists and creative people of all types, the peer pressure nudge to sit down and actually be productive! This is our sixth meeting, I absolutely love it and I think everyone else does too. The atmosphere is fantastic, we get to socialize with like minded people during our breaks and work hard on our creative endeavours. No question, it makes me ridiculously happy.

Ink Club!

Ink Club!

Ink Club!

Ink Club!

Have I sparked your interest in it? Check it out over at All you have to do is sign up and start. You can post your photos to twitter, facebook or instagram, or if you don’t want to publicize them, you can email them in to 100 Happy Days. Let me know if you decide to join in! We shall all be happy together. Big thanks to Andrea Westaway for bringing this to my attention. I know she’ll finish her 100 days and it will be spectacular.


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The 2013 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic

If I’ve been a bit absent on social media, slow on email responses and generally missing in action, this is why. The 10th annual Sandra Wickham Fall Classic is happening this weekend! The growth in this show over the years has been astounding. I remember when we were amazed when we had 140 athletes entered. This year, we’ve got over 320 athletes competing! The evening show was sold out last week and prejudging tickets are becoming a hot commodity. Our volunteers are all set and excited to help, our sponsors have given generously and the athletes are pumped (literally) to hit the stage. It’s been a ton of work, tons more still to go, but we’re working hard to make this, our tenth event, the best one yet.

Good luck to all the athletes!

2013 SWFC


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My Website Makeover

It seems kind of odd to be blogging about my website that links to this blog, but I know some people only see the blog posts.  Therefore I’m happy to say my author website has a brand new look!

I’d been working on putting up a new design for a while, then got a kick of motivation when my site got hacked (boo) and needed a complete overhaul. It did force me to put the time and effort in and voila! I have a new site.

I’m still working on it, but I’m pretty pleased with it right now. I think. It’s a work in progress. You know, just like writing.




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My VCon 38 Experience

I’ve always loved VCon. It was my very first convention back in 2008 when I had just started writing again. I was blown away by all the writing advice I received, the costumes and the fabulous people there. I didn’t know anyone, I sat in all the panels and scribbled as many notes as I could, attended readings and wandered the art show and dealer room in wide eyed wonder. This year was just as exciting, except now I know lots of those fabulous people, I’m giving readings and sitting on panels in hopes of paying it forward with advice for other new writers.

Panel on writing your inner villain. I think it's working for me.

Panel on writing your inner villain. I think it’s working for me.

This year I was especially excited about our author guests of honour, Dan Wells and Mur Lafferty. It was so great to have them both here and to sit on panels with them. My two favourite sessions of the weekend were the Writing Girly Women (with Mur) and getting to host the Q and A with Dan. Thanks to both of them for being so much fun.

Over the weekend I was on nine panels, hosted the SF Canada party, did a reading at the book launch and did a reading on my own. Phew! I really thought I’d get three people to my reading and told myself I’d be thrilled if I could get five people there. To my absolute surprise and delight, my reading was standing room only! Okay, it was a small room, but still, it felt awesome and thanks so much to all of those who came out. It was the cookies, wasn’t it? I had a blast and I appreciate the support.

Reading at VCon!

Reading at VCon!

Some of my American friends have wandered up to VCon lately and it was great to get to hang out with Tod McCoy and Keffy Kehrli. Please come back again! I also got to spend some quality time (i.e. drinks and/or food) with Katrina Archer, Katherine Wagner, Leanne Tremblay, Kristi Charish, Rhea Rose, Joseph Picard, TG Sheperd, and Joe Fulgham. Also, always great to catch up the epically cool Devon Boorman from Acadamie Duello (no, really, some day you may meet Devon and realize I am right). Huge thanks to my amazing friend Andrea Westaway, who acted as my mini entourage and helped with the SF Canada party. You’re the best! Of course, what’s a convention without making new friends? This year was a jackpot for that, I am so glad to have met so many great people, including Jessica Steiner, JP McLean, Lisa Voisin and many more old friends and new friends I’m forgetting to mention, but you know who you are.

With the lovely pirate Rhea Rose!

With the lovely pirate Rhea Rose!

Big props to everyone involved in putting on VCon, from the committee to all the volunteers. It really is a fabulous event and I’m so excited to have the Aurora awards included next year. Hmmmm. I wonder if I can get onto the ballot?

Thanks again to everyone I saw and talked to at the con for making it another fantastic experience.

With the VCon costume winner!

With the VCon costume winner!


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This is How you Launch a Book!

Last night I took my mom to see Shakespeare’s Rebel Book Launch held at the Mainstage at Bard on the Beach. This was an extravagant night of readings, discussion of Shakespeare and sword fighting demonstrations, all to launch the latest book by CC Humphreys, Shakespeare’s Rebel. Humphrey’s book is “a rollicking tale of the Globe Theatre’s fight choreographer, John Lawley, and his adventures in London 1600 AD – a city on the brink of revolution and a theatre putting on a play that will change literature forever: the Tragedy of Hamlet.”

The fabulous swordsman from Academie Duello were there in fine form, including conducting a ‘Prize Fight’, just as the Elizabethan Maisters of Defence would have done. I absolutely loved the entire evening. Listening to C C Humphreys’ talk about his experiences writing the book made me want to get back my own WIP. His reading made me want to get up on stage and the Acadamie Duello men and women made me want to pick up a sword and learn to fight! (besides my katana training)

You can visit the Acadamie Duello website HERE!

The place was packed and as far as I could tell, the entire audience loved it. We couldn’t stick around, but on the way out, we did see the long line up of people who bought books waiting to get CC Humphreys to sign them.

Witnessing this great event also made me rethink the concept of a book launch. I’ve heard the advice before to hold your book launch in conjunction with another artist or another event, maybe a band that’s hand selling their own cds, or a painter who could have a display, but this, this event definitely raised the bar and I love it.

Oh. Right. I’m forgetting one thing. First I need to get a novel published. Then I can worry about the spectacular book launch I’ll host. One step at a time, Wickham.


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Halfway and Hell to Pay

I’ve passed the 50 000 word mark in my new novel, officially past the halfway point. I’m not sure exactly how long the entire thing will be, but usually I end up with about 90 000 words.


Now I’m over the midway point, it also seems to be the holy-crap-this-better-start-making-sense point. All those little things at the beginning I thought, “Oh, I’ll just figure that out later” or “I’ll write myself into that” are all starting to rear their crafty heads and laugh. Some are are less jovial and stare at me with a stern look. Still others get quite worked up, demanding that I figure this crap out, screaming at me to figure out all those plot points that weren’t quite worked out before.

My list of “Things to Go Back and Fix” is growing by the day into an intimidating file. Yet, at the same time, it’s exciting because I know all those fixes are going to make this novel a million times better. Right?

Despite all appearances to the opposite, here’s hoping the second half comes together without too much blood, sweat and tears. Oh, who am I kidding, right? But it will be worth it. I think.


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Too Distracted to Blog

The Hugo Packets are available! I received the email about it this morning, so when I should have been working on a lovely blog post about writing, I’ve been downloading all the Hugo nominated works!

If you’re not familiar with WorldCon and the Hugo awards, here’s a blurb from the WorldCon 2013 website. “The Hugo Award® is the leading award for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. The Hugos are awarded each year by the World Science Fiction Society, at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon).” Hugos are given out for Best Novel, Best Novella, Best Novelette, Best Short Story, Best Related Work, Best Graphic Story, Best Dramatic Presentation “Long Form”, Best Dramatic Presentation “Short Form”, Best Editor Short Form, Best Editor Long Form, Best Professional Artist, Best Semiprozine, Best Fanzine, Best Fancast, Best Fan Writer and Best Fan Artist. Phew! That’s a lot to vote on.

What this means for lucky people like me who are attending WorldCon, is that we get to receive a lovely packet with all the nominated works so we are able to read them all before voting. All the Hugo nominated works! Given to us in one easy download! That’s worth the WorldCon membership right there.

Now you can see why I don’t have time to blog today. I have to get all the award nominated works onto my iPad and then it’s time to read! Good luck to all the nominees.


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