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Fundraising for Kitties at Fan Expo

Are you planning on going to Fan Expo Vancouver? If so, a bunch of crafty friends and I will have a table in Artist Alley with amazing wares to sell. We’ll be at booth A108. All proceeds from my sales will be going to Katie’s Place Animal Shelter.

Benson-Featured Pet at Katie's Place Animal Shelter!

Benson-Featured Pet at Katie’s Place Animal Shelter!

Come buy cool stuff for a good cause! I’ve made hats, lots of hats, for adults, small humans and even smaller humans.



Small human hats!

Small human hats!

Even smaller human hats!

Even smaller human hats!

HUGE THANK YOU to my awesome friend Bo Buckley for making these equally awesome Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Wristlets/Dice Bags. They’re so fabulous.


GoT Dragon Egg Bags by Bo Buckley!

GoT Dragon Egg Bags by Bo Buckley!


Since it’s going to a cat charity, I’ve also got cat toys to sell! Big thanks to my mom for working hard to make a bunch of adorable, catnip filled toys for your furry masters, I mean, pets! These are highly cat nipped, I’ve had to lock them away from my cats who chewed through the bag to get at them!

Catnip cat toys!

Catnip cat toys!


Hope to see you there!



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Goal: 100 Preemie Caps

My first creative charity project of the year is to make preemie caps for the hospital. My last post about the 100 Happy Days Challenge has inspired me to not just make the caps but to set a goal for how many I’d like to donate. The number 100 seemed crazy enough to go for. It won’t be just me making the hats, thank goodness! I’ve recruited my mom, who’s already done several lovely little knitted caps. I’m also hosting a Preemie Hat Geek Craft event this Sunday at Nerd Headquarters. With seventeen people RSVP’d to attend, I’m expecting lots of little caps to be made. I’ll continue to make and collect the caps until we reach one hundred, then will take them to various hospitals.

If you’re in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area and want to join us (or any of the fabulous Nerd HQ events) check us out here:

If you’re crafty and would like to do something similar in your area (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be 100!) I’ve provided a list of links below I’ve found helpful. Have fun being creative for a good cause!

Bev’s Country Cottage: A full resource of knit and crochet patterns as well as a list of where you can send them:

Tips for making items for preemie donation:

Great pattern for beginning crocheters!

Red Heart Crochet and Knit preemie hat patterns:

Carrisa Knits Blog:

Creative Preemie Hat (one of my favs!)

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