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Creativity Through Story Telling Cards

I’m excited about my new storytelling cards that just arrived! Not trying to sound like an advertisement, I’m definitely not getting paid for talking about the cards, but I really like them and thought some fellow writers might be interested in them too!

A little while ago I stole my mom’s set of OH cards, which are two decks of cards used together. The larger card has a word around it, the smaller card is a painted picture. When you put them together, it can spark discussion, reflection and storytelling.

OH cards

There are many ways to use the cards. You can use them in groups for story telling, for personal reflection or for getting your imagination flowing. They’re used all over the world for different purposes including early education, therapy and counselling, social issues, teamwork and creativity in the workplace, as well as creativity for writers. I’ve used the OH cards to help me out of some story ruts, I know lots of writers who use tarot cards for the same reason.

When I found out there were MORE decks, I couldn’t resist. The Mythos deck is a set of 55 water-coloured pictures that “portraying scene, back-drops and requisites belonging to the realm of myth and legend.” Again, it can be played as a story telling game with a group of people in several different ways or used alone like creative solitaire.

Mythos Deck

The Saga deck is similar, these “depict characters, scenes and objects from a land and time that never was yet always is.”  Both decks can be used together.

Saga Deck

I’m excited to put them to use. You can check out all the decks at the OH website and about all the methods and studies at the OH Cards Institute Website.

Whatever works, right?

EDIT: I forgot to mention the artist! Both decks were done by Canadian artist Ely Raman. You can see his profile on the OH website HERE.



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A Month of Letters Challenge

I’ve signed up to participate in Mary Robinette Kowal’s A Month of Letter Challenge. What is that, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

LetterMo2013square-300x300Author Mary Robinette Kowal took a month off the internet back in 2010 (great idea, right?!) and told people they could correspond with her during that time by paper letter. That developed into her idea for a month of writing letters. That’s right. Real letters, through the post.

Here is the challenge:

  1. In the month of February, mail at least one item through the post every day it runs. Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture, or a cutting from a newspaper, or a fabric swatch.
  2. Write back to everyone who writes to you. This can count as one of your mailed items.

You can find out more about it at

Join me?


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Blog Experiment: Friday Five

To stick with my goal of blogging three times a week, I thought I might occassionally try doing a “Friday Five.” Someone used to do this on a forum I belonged to and I always thought it was fun. I ask five random (or themed, if I’m feeling smart) questions and anyone can answer them. Let’s see what happens. It’s fun and it has a “let’s get to know each other feel.” I’ll start out nice and simple for the first one. 😉

1. What’s your favourite time of year and why?

2. Favourite book you’ve read in the last 6 months?

3. What’s your dream vacation spot? (staying home counts)

4. Dragons or dragonslayers?

5. What movie do you most often quote?

My answers:

1. What’s your favourite time of year and why?

My answer used to be summer, but now I love fall because of all the great conventions!!

2. Favourite book you’ve read in the last 6 months?

Ack, why did I ask this one? LOL. I read Kim Harrison’s latest, I love all her stuff, but I think I’d have to say Pat Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear.

3. What’s your dream vacation spot? (staying home counts)

The Cove at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Went there for a poker tournament, can’t wait to go back.

4. Dragons or dragonslayers?


5. What movie do you most often quote?

The Hangover

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Blog Challenge Accepted

I keep falling off the blogging wagon. I did pretty well there for awhile, blogging every time I worked out (I forget who on LJ suggested that, but thanks!) and I was successful with that for a long time. Then I went on some trips and the blog posts just fell away. I’ve been wanting to get back into it, I’ve done a few posts lately (have you noticed?!) and then I came across Julie Issac’s Online Blog Challenge.


Julie is an award winning author, Content Creation Coach and the founder of the website She’s on twitter as @WritingSpirit and hosts #WriteChat. The purpose is to make your blog “shine” by posting on a regular schedule for 100 days, beginning today and ending at the end of the year.

Julie tells us: “Blogging is an essential part of your platform. It helps you build an audience and connect with them, be seen as an expert and establish your credibility, test ideas and get feedback, create content that can be repurposed and gain visibility on the web, and above all, promote your books, brand, services, and other products.”

From Julie’s website:

Why S.H.I.N.E. Online? Because your blog is your home base, it’s where people get to know you. In creating an online presence, your blog is your best opportunity to shine online! Every single blog post gives you another opportunity to S.H.I.N.E. To:

        Stand out

I signed up and committed to blogging three times a week for the next 100 days. According to Julie’s first blog today, three posts a week will be 42 posts. Forty-two posts! She encourages us to think about applying some structure to our 100 days of posts. I’m still thinking it over, but I think I’d like to try to do one post a week that’s a “Tips from the Pros” topic, writing about the things I’ve learned from conventions, conferences and conversations with Professional authors. The other two times a week? I think I might just let myself be me, since that’s what I’m best at, and blog about whatever I want to share that day. There’s a mailing list for blog tips, articles and blog challenge updates to keep everyone on track.

So if you’re like me and need a kick in the pants when it comes to blogging, why not join me? It’s easy. Sign up here:

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Group Creation Experiment Day Five and Six

I’m sort cheating because I missed yesterday on account of being busy getting ready for my trip to England!! (I leave tonight for Brighton for the World Horror Convention!)

So this day five and day six (of seven) of the Mind on Fire Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment.

Yesterday’s card was the nine of swords, an “unhappy” card, symbolizing worry, doubt, anxiety, guilt, anguish, despair, depression, regret, being hard on yourself, wanting to turn back the clock, being overwhelmed by remorse, and wanting to cry. Fun stuff, right?

Here’s what I came up with:

Raging at the world
Insecurity dominates
Drowning in self-pity
Ignoring the positive
Crumbling to pieces
Upset with choices
Lamenting time gone by
Overcome with doubt
Urging darkness
Sinking into nothingness

Today’s card is the Two of Cups, symbolizing making a connection, a joining, cementing a friendship, calling a truce, acknowledging an attraction.

Here’s my creation for today. (it’s quick cuz I gotta catch a plane!) A short, whimsical poem for this happier, and appropriate card. (can’t wait to get to Brighton!!)

There are people you meet
And instantly you click.
Now suddenly you want
To know what makes them tick.

A mutual respect,
and admiration glows.
What trouble you’ll get in,
hell, no one really knows!

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Group Creation Experiment Day Four

Here we are, on day four (of seven) of the Mind on Fire Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment.

Today’s card is from a Lovecraft-themed Tarot Deck, and is the Devil. There are so many symbolisms tied to this card, temptation, materialism, bondage, ignorance, hopelessness…

I intended to do something dark, symbolic and anti-materialistic, but then, this happened.

I started with one of my old modelling 8 x 10’s and was going to just trash it, make it ugly, everything opposite to the modelling world and to having to look good…but then I started having so much FUN, it took a totally different turn. It is, an experiment after all, so I went with it. 😉


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Group Creation Experiment Day Three

It’s day three (of seven) of the Mind on Fire Tarot Randomizer Group Creativity Experiment.

Today’s card is from the Lunatic Tarot Deck, and is the two of pentacles. Most decks show this as someone juggling, and the symbolism is about juggling our lives, keeping things in balance, covering all areas, flexibility in our lives, and having fun.

I love this card!! It’s absolutely beautiful. For my creation today I’ve done a collage of me actually balancing (in my fitness routines!) and all the things I try to balance in my life. This is a glimpse into my life, what’s important, what’s fun, and what’s “me”.

I spent way too much time on this. Time to go write!!

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