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Fundraising for Kitties at Fan Expo

Are you planning on going to Fan Expo Vancouver? If so, a bunch of crafty friends and I will have a table in Artist Alley with amazing wares to sell. We’ll be at booth A108. All proceeds from my sales will be going to Katie’s Place Animal Shelter.

Benson-Featured Pet at Katie's Place Animal Shelter!

Benson-Featured Pet at Katie’s Place Animal Shelter!

Come buy cool stuff for a good cause! I’ve made hats, lots of hats, for adults, small humans and even smaller humans.



Small human hats!

Small human hats!

Even smaller human hats!

Even smaller human hats!

HUGE THANK YOU to my awesome friend Bo Buckley for making these equally awesome Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Wristlets/Dice Bags. They’re so fabulous.


GoT Dragon Egg Bags by Bo Buckley!

GoT Dragon Egg Bags by Bo Buckley!


Since it’s going to a cat charity, I’ve also got cat toys to sell! Big thanks to my mom for working hard to make a bunch of adorable, catnip filled toys for your furry masters, I mean, pets! These are highly cat nipped, I’ve had to lock them away from my cats who chewed through the bag to get at them!

Catnip cat toys!

Catnip cat toys!


Hope to see you there!



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Goal: 100 Preemie Caps

My first creative charity project of the year is to make preemie caps for the hospital. My last post about the 100 Happy Days Challenge has inspired me to not just make the caps but to set a goal for how many I’d like to donate. The number 100 seemed crazy enough to go for. It won’t be just me making the hats, thank goodness! I’ve recruited my mom, who’s already done several lovely little knitted caps. I’m also hosting a Preemie Hat Geek Craft event this Sunday at Nerd Headquarters. With seventeen people RSVP’d to attend, I’m expecting lots of little caps to be made. I’ll continue to make and collect the caps until we reach one hundred, then will take them to various hospitals.

If you’re in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area and want to join us (or any of the fabulous Nerd HQ events) check us out here:

If you’re crafty and would like to do something similar in your area (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be 100!) I’ve provided a list of links below I’ve found helpful. Have fun being creative for a good cause!

Bev’s Country Cottage: A full resource of knit and crochet patterns as well as a list of where you can send them:

Tips for making items for preemie donation:

Great pattern for beginning crocheters!

Red Heart Crochet and Knit preemie hat patterns:

Carrisa Knits Blog:

Creative Preemie Hat (one of my favs!)

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Purple Knitted Caps Campaign

My Creative Geeks took on yet another charity project, this time for the PURPLE Program, to Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome via BC Children’s hospital. The program supplies new parents with knitted (and crocheted!) purple baby hats to raise awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome, providing “edicuational information about the properties of normal infant crying and appropriate action steps that caregivers need to know. Inconsolable infant crying is the number one trigger that precedes a shaking event.”

So, I recruited my Mom as well, we got ourselves some purple yarn and started making baby hats. My mom ended up making TWELVE, while I came in at a mere eight. It was a lot of fun to try new patterns and great to know it was for a good cause.

There is still time to make hats and hand them in! For more information on the PURPLE Program, visit

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Cat Shelter Trip

I belong to a fabulous group of people, called the Creative Geeks. We meet up to do crafty projects together and we decided to make cat blankets for Katie’s Place cat shelter where one of our Geeks volunteers. A few of us headed out to the shelter with the blankets, donations and strict pacts between us that we wouldn’t bring any cats home. No, I didn’t bring any home, though I desperately wanted to!

Since I’ve committed to blogging three times a week, I thought I’d share the day with you. If you’re a cat lover, I apologize in advance for the adorable shelter kitten pics. I’ll warn you, you’re going to want to go rescue them all!!

I made five blankets for this trip, here are the last three. My blanket tester was being a diva and didn’t want her picture taken.

All blankets and donations ready to go! My mom gave me some old towels and cat food to take as well, I donated some of our old cats toys that certain cats turn their noses up at, some food and cleaning supplies. 🙂

Here’s Margaret, our Geek connection at the shelter (she volunteers there!), one of the kitties and the organizer of the Creative Geeks, our Borg Queen, Serena.

This is kind of a long shot showing the different rooms for the cats and the set up they have.

I wanted to take pictures of every single cat but my memory card filled up while I was there because it’s full of pictures of our cats. Figures. Here’s the ones I did get.

This guy I just thought was gorgeous and as soon as I got close, he started purring. A lot of them did that and it makes me want to go back and pet them every day, poor little things.

Cat in a box!!!

One of the volunteers brought out a toy I’d brought and gave it to this little girl. She played with it and immediately claimed it. When I walked away, they were trying to see if she would give it up and she wouldn’t!

They’re definitely well fed there. This big boy came up to me and flopped right down for a belly rub and wasn’t shy about enjoy it!


I didn’t even find out the name of this guy or girl, but we definitely bonded.

Of all the cats, these were the ones that got to me the most. They have one room that’s all cats with FIV (feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (feline leukemia virus), meaning they probably don’t have long to live. They were the sweetest, cuddliest bunch, who, according to one of the volunteers, always get along without any hissing or fighting.

I sat down and the two of them each took a turn on my lap.

This guy was also super friendly inside. When I went out to the open air room to see the other FIV/FeLV cats, all three of them followed me out and stuck close. When I put my purse down, he curled right up against it. The black cat laid at my feet. If I didn’t already have two cats, I wouldn’t taken these three home to give them the best possible home for the time they had left.

This girl was out in the open part of the shelter with the volunteers on a big cushy chair. The reason? She has stomach cancer, so she was being spoiled. Margaret told us one person brought her chicken nuggets that day and that a couple of people were bringing her smoked salmon. Sounds like she’ll continue to be spoiled until the last possible second.

I’m going to start making new blankets and I’m going to go back out to visit the cats as soon as I can. I hope I’ll get to see my FIV and FeLV friends again.

Thanks for sharing this with me and if you get a chance, pop in to your local pet shelter! They always need help, donations and if you can’t adopt a pet, they’d love someone to visit them. 🙂


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SPCA Blankets Ready to Go

It’s time to take another batch of blankets to the SPCA!

I’ve been working on using up all sorts of odds and ends of yarn (much of it donated by family, thank you!) and making new Snuggles blankets for our local animal shelter.  They have all been kitten tested and approved, I hope the shelter cats and dogs like them as well. (this picture took me two seconds to take-as soon as I put them on the ground, my cats go to them like magnets!)

I did have one more, but as soon as I put it down, our boy cat Spooky confiscated it and didn’t want to get off. It figures he’d pick the only WHITE blanket I made. As I made it I thought, this better go to a white dog or cat. Yeah, right.

For any needle crafters out there, I’m sure there’s an animal shelter nearby that would love some blankets!! It’s a GREAT way to use up random yarn and they don’t take long at all. I enjoy the challenge of seeing what odds and ends people donate to me I can put together to make a blanket. If you’re NEW to crocheting or knitting, it’s perfect because if you make mistakes, the dogs and cats don’t mind!!!

I’m off to see what yarn I have left for the next batch. 😉


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Patrick Rothfuss Raises Money

I’m a big fan of Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind) and he’s helping out his favourite chairty Heifer International, an organization that (from Pat’s blog) “It helps people raise themselves up out of poverty and starvation. All over the world Heifer promotes education, sustainable agriculture, and local industry.

They don’t just keep kids from starving, they make it so families can take care of themselves. They give goats, sheep, and chickens to families so their children have milk to drink, warm clothes to wear, and eggs to eat.”

He’s collecting money through direct donations, lottery and auction items. There’s a TON of great stuff to be won, including Pat’s own donations, hundreds of books from Subterranean Press and Del Rey, you wouldn’t believe it all if I told you. 😉 But you might believe it if you see it. You can check out all the great stuff HERE on Pat’s blog, just follow the links.

You could also bid on a professional critique of your manuscript. Some of you might have read on my blog that I did this at a fundraiser called The Boom Effect (raising money for Tee Morris’ daughter) and had the unique experience of having professional agent Laurie McLean of the Larsen-Pomada agency. It was worth every penny!! I’m probably going to bid on this auction as well. Wait a second, then why am I telling YOU about it?! Because it’s for a great cause. Get on over to Pat’s blog and check it out!

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The Boom Effect

The Boom Effect is a fund drive to raise funds for Sonic Boom, and was started by a group of podcasters and writers as a way for these communities to show support for the Morris family.

From The Boom Effect Blog:

Tee Morris is a beloved founding father of the podcasting community; co-creator of, writer of four social media books, and the first novelist to serialise his novel.

On the 5th of January 2010 Tee found himself facing raising his daughter (with the alias of Sonic Boom) alone, after the sudden, shocking death of his wife Natalie.

The podcasting, writing, and social media community gathered around and within days had raised over $10,000 to cover funeral expenses and other pressing bills Tee was facing. This response was incredible, and showed just how much Tee has touched the lives of others.

However now, as a community we are turning our attention to Sonic Boom’s future. She is only five now, and relying on Tee to provide everything for her. We have the aim of providing a trust buffer for her, so that she can go to college if she wants.

Nothing is going to replace her mother, but the funds raised will give more opportunities . So writers, podcasters and creative types of all stripes are offering up items for auction.

I have donated a 12 week workout and nutrition program to the auction!!! 

The program will be done completely online, via email, photos etc and is a 12 week “all inclusive” program.  That means it includes your personalized diet, cardio and weight program, as well as food journal checks, physique checks (via emailed photos) and program changes and updates as you need them.

I will send you a list of questions to answer (including pictures, measurements, your life schedule etc) so that I can then take all that info and make your program.  I have a client only discussion board where you will be able to chat with the other clients, including my competitive clients.

This Program Includes:

  • A 12 Week Personalized Weight Program
  • A 12 Week Personalized Cardio Program
  • A 12 Week Diet Program
  • Food Journal Checks
  • Physique Checks and Program Reviews Throughout
  • Extra Motivational Tools and Tips Throughout
  • Group Support via a Private Discussion Board

FYI, This Program is not a “quick fix” solution that promises to have you looking like a superstar in 12 weeks.  It’s going to mean work on both our parts and will be a great step toward a healthier and happier you!

Click here to visit my auction, if you go to “home” you can see all the other fantastic items. Happy Bidding!

This event will be a webathon run by Podcasting’s very own Rich Sigfrit, with a plethora of special guests and fun. It will take place live online at 10amEST  February 27th 2010. Watch the event here

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