The 2013 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic

If I’ve been a bit absent on social media, slow on email responses and generally missing in action, this is why. The 10th annual Sandra Wickham Fall Classic is happening this weekend! The growth in this show over the years has been astounding. I remember when we were amazed when we had 140 athletes entered. This year, we’ve got over 320 athletes competing! The evening show was sold out last week and prejudging tickets are becoming a hot commodity. Our volunteers are all set and excited to help, our sponsors have given generously and the athletes are pumped (literally) to hit the stage. It’s been a ton of work, tons more still to go, but we’re working hard to make this, our tenth event, the best one yet.

Good luck to all the athletes!

2013 SWFC



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3 responses to “The 2013 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic

  1. Reblogged this on heroickate and commented:
    This is what we’ve been waiting for, Mr. Grumpiface! Good luck! ❤

  2. and we are all sooooo thankful for you and your hard work! I would have loved to volunteer again, but its my turn to hit the stage!! Soooo really big thanks for making this opportunity possible!! See ya tomorrow!

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