Ninja test number two, passed!

Okay, so I realize I’m not and never will be an actual ninja, but it’s still fun to say. Last month we were tested on ten combinations and two forms. Our second one was last Saturday, the big test that everyone fears from the first time they hear about it, the fitness and endurance test. Here’s what it looks like, and yes, this is all in one day, in a row:

1 mile run in under 8 mins
100 pushups, 100 crunches, 100 squats
Sparring the black belts
Reaction drill
Self Defence
Board Breaking

I survived and I passed! Here’s a few pictures my brother snapped during our sparring with the black belts. I know it’s really hard to tell, but that’s me, honest, fighting one of our past instructors in the white tank top. I love how concerned my fellow apprentice belts (on the left in the background) look while watching me. The girlfriend of one of my training partners also video taped my sparring, I’m thinking maybe I’ll see if I can do a montage of all my best bits and of course take out the parts where I’m getting kicked in the head. 🙂




Next up we have anatomy testing, a written essay (going to nail that part, or at least, I better) and then our final show in December. If all goes well, I will receive my black belt by mid-December.

For now, it’s back to class, including our Saturday morning two hour apprentice class we’ve been attending since January. Phew! It’s a tough road, but it’s going to be worth it. As the juniors say, “What’s our goal? Black belt! Around our waist and in our hearts.”


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