A Break from the Weights

This year I’ve had to cut back on my weight training in order to focus on martial arts. Now I have my black belt testing starting later this month until the end of December. In particular, the fitness testing day comes in about six weeks. Due to the strenuous training needed to pass the tests, I’ve decided to stop weight training for the entire six weeks.

Aaaaaaaaah! *Insert freak out here*

I haven’t taken more than one to two weeks off from weight training since I was about nineteen. I am pretty sure I’ll go through some mental and emotional withdrawal, but I know my body will be the better for it.

This month to begin our black belt testing, we’ll be tested on two forms (katas) and ten combinations. Next month, our fitness testing will go something like this:

8am-10am Apprentice Class
Noon: 1 mile run on the track
100 pushups
100 crunches
100 deep squats
Sparring with the black belts, repeatedly
Nine Reaction Drills
Self Defence
Board Breaking

This is the day I’m training for. I’m acutely aware that my body cannot recover from training for this and weight training. I’m living the example I’ve been trying to convince people of for years, that more is not better. Our bodies are not machines. I’m going to have to sacrifice my weight lifting but I know the day I put that black belt around my waist, it will have been worth it.

(Wish me luck!)

With training partner Jennifer on the day we received our Apprentice Belts.

With training partner Jennifer on the day we received our Apprentice Belts.


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