Phew! I Get Carried Away Talking About WorldCon 2013

I’m always impressed by people who can come home from a convention or conference and do a write up about it within a few days. It takes me a lot longer to recover from the convention (ahem, who needs sleep?) and to process the entire thing. Usually by the time I’ve done that, all the recaps have been posted and it feels like I missed that boat, but I do love it when I get mentioned in other people’s recaps! I’m also terrified I will forget to mention someone, or a great aspect of the con and that fear has held me back from doing any sort of write up.

No more! I’m going to shout it out that I had a blast at WorldCon this year and I am going to do my best to pay homage to it with this post.

Before leaving, I will admit to experiencing some con anxiety. Days before leaving, impostor syndrome hit me hard. I wasn’t going to this convention to promote anything, I didn’t have an agent or book coming out and I wasn’t on any panels. “Why are you going?” my brain screamed at me. Thanks to Christie Yant for her advice and for talking me down off that cliff of insanity.

How to recap such a fantastic trip? By mentioning the amazing people I got to hang out with. I was thrilled to get to hang out with my Taos Toolbox classmates (was calling them my Toolmates, but was told I’m not allowed to do that) Sara Mueller, Lauren Teffeau and Fran Wilde. Fran did a reading from her book coming out from Tor and it gave me shivers. I can’t wait until it hits the shelves. Much of the convention was also spent with my Rainforest friends, Nicole Feldringer and Kelly Lagor, as well as my new bestie and fellow SF Canada member, Kristene Perron and old bestie, Mark Teppo. (wait, that didn’t come out right, but Mark, you know what I mean!) A gang of us hit the Glitter and Mayhem roller skating party in style, as well as the Hugos and had a fabulous time throughout the weekend. Thanks to all of them for further enabling the party girl in me.

Roller Skating Party!

Ready to Roller Skate! Kristene, my floating head, Nicole and Kelly.

Pre-Hugos Dinner

The lovely ladies at dinner before the Hugos. Kristene, Nicole, Kelly, Fran, Me, Rhiannon, Lauren and Sara

I also got to spend quality time with my fellow Inkpunk, Galen Dara, which was fantastic. I may have jumped out of my chair and screamed when she won the Hugo for Best Fan Artist, and I may have WOOTED loud enough for her to hear me from the back when she thanked the Inkpunks in her acceptance speech. It was such a great moment and I see only fabulous things ahead for Galen’s career.


Me and my Galen. 🙂

With Galen and her Hugo award!

With Galen and her Hugo award!

The other great thing about WorldCon is that I got to see some of my favourite people EVER, including Howard Tayler. I got to do a workout with Howard, which was awesome, and also ran into him throughout the weekend. I also got to catch up with Lou Anders, where? In the bar, of course. I had an overwhelming happy moment (as I do at these things) when I realized I was sitting at the bar with Howard and Lou.

Selfie with Kevin Hearne

Selfie with Kevin Hearne, our first IRL meeting!

One of the best parts was getting to meet some authors in person who I’d only met online before. It’s crazy how exciting it can be to meet someone IRL and I was thrilled to finally meet Kevin Hearne. I was also on a mission to meet Tobias Buckell and I’m happy to report it was a success. Both are fabulous gentlemen and I will have to settle for harassing them online until I can see them again in real life. Highlight of the weekend was meeting Brooke Bolander in real life which was AWESOME!

Rob, Me and Tobias. :)

Rob, Me and Tobias. 🙂


Brooke, me and Galen! 🙂

The bar really is the best place to meet up with people. I found Carrie Vaughn there a couple of times and we got to sit and chat for a bit. She doesn’t know this, but she actually made my entire con when I went to say hi to her. She said (and I paraphrase) “oh good, you were one of the people on my list that I wanted to catch up with.” Mind, blown. Carrie is fabulous and I love any chance to hang out with her.

I also got a chance to talk to Mur “winner of the best dress ever worn at the Hugos” Lafferty. I’m excited for her to come be GoH at VCon in a few weeks.

Me with Patrick and Amy!

Me with Patrick and Amy!

The number of cool, awesome people at this convention is staggering and I had many of my overwhelming happy moments. (if you wonder what that looks like, imagine a kid at Christmas getting their favourite toy they never thought Santa would bring) I spent time with the lovely and amazing Amy Sundberg, as well as Rainforest Retreat founding father Patrick Swenson and my good friend Dave Bara. I was thrilled to hang out with the lovely trio of Nancy Hightower, Stina Leicht and Valya Lupescu and can’t wait to hang out with these ladies again! Though I didn’t get to use him as a test dummy for my black belt testing, I did get to hang out with Wesley Chu and totally photo bombed his photo with Galen and her hugo. I also tried to buy his book from the dealer’s room, but it was sold out. Nicely done, sir. I barely got to see Sam Sykes and Myke Cole (whoa, I just realized their names are extremely similar) because they were busy being the belles of the ball. Next time, guys, let’s sit and have a drink! It’s on me. I also got to see Patrick Hester (congrats on the Hugo!), Robert J Bennett (always a blast) Paolo Bacigalupi (winner of most amazing smile ever), John Klima, Rhiannon Held, Christy Johnson (aka Folly Bain, aka Trouble Maker) Alan Smale and his wife Karen and met so many new, amazing people. This is the part where I’m afraid I’ll miss mentioning one of my amazing friends and I’ll feel awful, but know it’s just post con brain still affecting me and that I love you.

Andrew and I photo bombing Galen and Wes. Love it!

Andrew and I photo bombing Galen and Wes. Love it!

I almost forgot about the story that made me squee so loudly in the bar, I think some of the glasses shattered. Galen and I were chatting with some lovely ladies in the restroom (as you do) and then I ran into them in the lobby later that evening. I went to chat with them (as I do) and we talked for a while about fashion, the convention and the hugos. One of the ladies asked about what people wore to the Hugos because she was handing out an award in her flight suit but was wondering what to change into afterwards. Yes. I think my jaw hit the floor. She handed me her card and it was Cady Coleman, NASA Astronaut! I carried her card around for the rest of the evening, telling the story and squeeing quite loudly about it. As she handed out the Hugo, her  speech was brilliant.

What else? Panels. There were panels? While this was mostly a bar con, I also made it to lots of panels and readings and as always, I picked up something from each of them. I learned a lot from Joshua Bilmes of the Jabberwocky Agency and followed him around to several panels. I learned from the QandA with Jay Lake that I really need to be producing more words. Lou Anders talk on scriptwriting for novelists taught me I do know what I’m doing most of the time, I just need to do the hard work of getting it done right. I’m sure there are other things I learned that I’m forgetting, but it’s okay. I took notes.

See? This is why I don’t do con wrap ups, there’s just too much goodness to put into words.  I’m sure I’m still forgetting things worth mentioning but I feel I should stop now or I could go on and on about the many conversations, meet ups, things I learned and fabulous people I got to talk to. Maybe next con, I’ll recap only with photos. Speaking of the next con, I can’t wait to see you there!


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