Train Smarter, Not Harder

My last two health ally posts have been about overtraining and periodization of your workouts to avoid overtraining. I thought I was going to leave it at that, but I still feel like I need to emphasize it one last time.

You are not a machine. We might feel like it sometimes in today’s demanding lifestyle. We’re juggling twenty things at once and moving almost nonstop just to keep up. We’re so used to pushing ourselves physically and mentally in a high speed world, we forget our body isn’t made of indestructible parts.

The best intentions can be waylaid by pushing to0 hard at the beginning.  Even veteran athletes who go beyond their limits can fall into this trap. Be easy on yourself. Start with baby steps, that is perfectly fine. Think of yourself as the tortoise, not the hare. Be realistic with your goals, give yourself the necessary time to get there.

Too many times I hear about people doing workouts that are eventually going to be damaging, especially in people new to a regular exercise program. They may not know it, they probably think they’re doing a good thing, but then they’re surprised when they start having joint problems, or they get sick or injured.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t do anything crazy! Check out my post about overtraining and then on periodization. Plan your workouts to be effective, but not damaging to your body. Talk to someone knowledgeable in health and fitness and ask them to review what you’re doing, to see if you’re pushing one muscle group, joint or your entire body too much. You’ll have more success over the long term with a slow and steady approach.


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