When Worlds Collide

I’m attempting my first automatically scheduled post and for a great reason. If it works, this post will go up as I’m on my to Calgary for the When Worlds Collide Festival for Writers and Readers. I’ll be on two panels and doing a reading on the weekend, but even more exciting, before the Festival begins, I get to do a two day workshop with New York Times best selling author, (drum roll please) Patricia Briggs!

Yes. To say I’m excited would be a ridiculous understatement. Throughout the workshop I shall be attempting to keep the fan girl squeeing on the inside. There are twelve of us in the workshop, we’ve each shared a chapter for critique and I’m excited to meet the other participants to discuss their work. On the flip side, I’m nervous to hear what they have to say about mine. Not to mention, feedback from Patricia Briggs. Really? That’s going to happen? Patricia Briggs is going to read my chapter and give me feedback on it? I still can’t really believe it.

Wish me luck. I’m sure I’ll have lots to blog about after my trip to Calgary.



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2 responses to “When Worlds Collide

  1. Shadow

    So jealous and do a quiet little squee for me would you?

  2. Brilliant! Looking forward to your later blog, and what she has to say.

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