This is How you Launch a Book!

Last night I took my mom to see Shakespeare’s Rebel Book Launch held at the Mainstage at Bard on the Beach. This was an extravagant night of readings, discussion of Shakespeare and sword fighting demonstrations, all to launch the latest book by CC Humphreys, Shakespeare’s Rebel. Humphrey’s book is “a rollicking tale of the Globe Theatre’s fight choreographer, John Lawley, and his adventures in London 1600 AD – a city on the brink of revolution and a theatre putting on a play that will change literature forever: the Tragedy of Hamlet.”

The fabulous swordsman from Academie Duello were there in fine form, including conducting a ‘Prize Fight’, just as the Elizabethan Maisters of Defence would have done. I absolutely loved the entire evening. Listening to C C Humphreys’ talk about his experiences writing the book made me want to get back my own WIP. His reading made me want to get up on stage and the Acadamie Duello men and women made me want to pick up a sword and learn to fight! (besides my katana training)

You can visit the Acadamie Duello website HERE!

The place was packed and as far as I could tell, the entire audience loved it. We couldn’t stick around, but on the way out, we did see the long line up of people who bought books waiting to get CC Humphreys to sign them.

Witnessing this great event also made me rethink the concept of a book launch. I’ve heard the advice before to hold your book launch in conjunction with another artist or another event, maybe a band that’s hand selling their own cds, or a painter who could have a display, but this, this event definitely raised the bar and I love it.

Oh. Right. I’m forgetting one thing. First I need to get a novel published. Then I can worry about the spectacular book launch I’ll host. One step at a time, Wickham.



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