Lose Weight Fast – Become a Zombie!

I saw World War Z in the theatres and while I’m not going to do a review or comment on how Brad Pitt looks like all those kids of his are wearing him down (or maybe it’s just Angelina) but I did want to mention one thing.


Masses of people, almost the entire world, turned into zombies and they’re all tall and skinny? I don’t think that’s a realistic representation of the population. Okay, I get that after time of no eating and all that sprinting, bodies would lean out, but it seemed like in some cases it happened instantly. All the zombies sprinting after them were tall and skinny. Maybe it’s just that all the skinny zombies make it to the front of the mob so it seemed like they were all tall and skinny? Or is it simply the virus that made it happen? Does it eat away at your fat cells?

Oh no. I can just see it now. The newest, greatest, fast loss program everyone is going to be trying to sell…Lose Weight Fast-Become a Zombie!


Well, it’s just as ridiculous as all the other schemes and scams out there for losing weight. Save yourself money and disappointment by not looking for the quick fix and instead make slow, permanent changes. Even if it would be fun to be a zombie.


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