Health Tips I Learned from my Cats

1. Sleep whenever you can.

It’s always a good idea to get enough sleep, but often we don’t get the sleep we need at night. If you don’t, well then if the opportunity presents itself, take a nap! I used to feel guilty about taking naps, like I was being lazy and/or not being productive. Turns out, I feel better and get more done when I can fit in a power nap.


2. After sleeping or sitting, always stretch.

You’ve all seen this, when cats get up, they have to stretch (usually at least twice) before they do anything else. Stretching is great for our bodies, to get out the kinks, get circulation back and to have our bodies functioning better. What if you were to do a nice big full body stretch every time you got up from your computer? You’d feel more cat-like and agile, I’ll bet.


3. Don’t eat too much or too fast.

If you do, you’ll upset your tummy. (and if you’re a cat, your quickly eaten dinner may end up on the floor) Sound advice, right? I think too often we forget that, though. Take your time, enjoy your food, and you’re less likely to overeat.


4. Bathe regularly and with great intent.

I mean it! Obviously good hygiene is important, but so is relaxing your body and brain. Relax, have a bath or a shower, or if you’re lucky to have access to one, enjoy a soak in a hot tub. Or just relax with your favourite downtime activity.


5. Run around like crazy at least once a day, just for fun.

Whether you pretend you’re chasing someone or being chased, it doesn’t matter. Get up, move around, have some fun. (ie, move your body!)


6. Don’t take life too seriously.

Last, but not least, enjoy life and don’t take it, or yourself too seriously. Your mental and physical health will improve greatly.



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