No Such Thing as Spot Reduction

This isn’t something most people like to hear. When someone asks me how they can lose the weight on their stomach or get rid of the fat from their thighs, the answer is, lose weight all over! Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce. We do not get to choose where the body fat comes off of. You can work on a particular area to increase the strength and muscle mass of a part of your body, however, that will not affect the levels of body fat on that area! No style or number of abdominal exercises is going to give you a six pack. You need to lose body fat from your entire body for that to happen. So, you can definitely ignore all those “1 tip for a flat belly” ads you see splashed all over the internet.

Another side to that coin is that your body has a “first on, last off” system, wherein you are going to burn your newest body fat before you get to the stores that have been around the longest. For most people, that means if you naturally carry your body fat around your middle, it’s likely that’s where you’ve had it the longest and it will take the longest to come off.

Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you, I want to tell you that there is indeed hope! All it takes is a rounded health and nutrition program of eating properly, as well as cardiovascular and strength training. You can make the changes you’re after but it’s important to go into a program with the right expectations. Let’s say, for example, all someone wants to do is  lose weight on their stomach. So they  do 100 crunches every day (which, by the way I do not recommend at all! Abdominals are like any other muscle and can be overtrained, affecting your entire neuromuscular system, leading to injury, sickness etc..but, I’ll leave the topic of abdominal training and six packs for another day) but don’t change their eating habits, or add any other cardiovascular or strength training to their life. What happens? A few weeks (or days) into it, they don’t see any results and they quit. Balance is the key to results.

If you want to improve any area of your body, start a well rounded program combining healthy eating, cardiovascular training and strength training. Your entire body will thank you and you’ll get the results you want!




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