A Tribute to My Inkpunks

Somehow, I’ve had the extraordinary luck to be a part of an amazing group of nine writers, editors and artists known as the Inkpunks. We met through conventions and social media, became friends and then decided to write a blog together. I am so grateful for these people every day. They’ve held me up so often when I’ve needed it and I wanted to say thanks. Again. 

Adam, Christie, Erika, Sandra, Andy


Our blog is really only a fraction of what the group is and what it means to me. Behind the scenes, so to speak, we’re there for each other in both tough times and celebrations, whether that’s in the writing world or the rest of our lives. I think it’s amazing how close we’ve become and how our friendships have grown as we all continue to grow up in the publishing industry. Do I sound like I’m bragging? I think I am, a little. They deserve it, because they’re all incredible people. 

John, Erika, Sandra, Carrie, Christie, Adam and Wendy via phone photo

We didn’t know if anyone would even read our little blog. It still amazes us when anyone besides us has heard of the Inkpunks. I get giddy when I say I’m one of the Inkpunks and the person nods knowingly and replies, “I read that blog. It’s great,” or “Oh, yes. The Inkpunks. I’ve heard of them.” We’ve even had others tell us they’re starting a group and modelling themselves after us. That’s the biggest compliment we could ever receive. 


 Another great bonus about the Inkpunks, is we are all often going to conventions and workshops and meeting new people, who we then introduce to the rest of the group. Our extended Inkpunk family continues to grow and we enjoy spreading the love and support in the community. It’s true what they say, those that ink together, stay together. 

So, to all my Inkpunks, Adam, Andy, Carrie, Christie, Erika, Galen, John, and Wendy, thanks for being awesome. 

I could go on and on about the individual Inkpunks and their accomplishments, so it might be better if I simply provide their links. Trust me. They are worth getting to know. Be sure to check out the blog, at www.Inkpunks.com for writing tips, guest blogs, support and other great stuff. We look forward to seeing you there! 

The Inkpunks

Adam Israel @AdamIsrael

Andrew Romine @inkgorilla

Caroline Ratajski @geardrops

Christie Yant @ChristieYant

Erika Holt @ErikaHolt

Galen Dara  @galendara

John Remy @johnremy

Wendy Wagner @wnwagner

The Inkpunks on Facebook 





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