Too Distracted to Blog

The Hugo Packets are available! I received the email about it this morning, so when I should have been working on a lovely blog post about writing, I’ve been downloading all the Hugo nominated works!

If you’re not familiar with WorldCon and the Hugo awards, here’s a blurb from the WorldCon 2013 website. “The Hugo Award® is the leading award for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. The Hugos are awarded each year by the World Science Fiction Society, at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon).” Hugos are given out for Best Novel, Best Novella, Best Novelette, Best Short Story, Best Related Work, Best Graphic Story, Best Dramatic Presentation “Long Form”, Best Dramatic Presentation “Short Form”, Best Editor Short Form, Best Editor Long Form, Best Professional Artist, Best Semiprozine, Best Fanzine, Best Fancast, Best Fan Writer and Best Fan Artist. Phew! That’s a lot to vote on.

What this means for lucky people like me who are attending WorldCon, is that we get to receive a lovely packet with all the nominated works so we are able to read them all before voting. All the Hugo nominated works! Given to us in one easy download! That’s worth the WorldCon membership right there.

Now you can see why I don’t have time to blog today. I have to get all the award nominated works onto my iPad and then it’s time to read! Good luck to all the nominees.



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4 responses to “Too Distracted to Blog

  1. I am so ridiculously excited to get to sit down and read the nominees I haven’t already read – and to re-read the ones I have! And then to see you at Worldcon!

  2. hehehe, well see you at the hugos 😛

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