Contract Means Warm Fuzzies

Any writer will tell you that the writer’s life is full of ups and downs. Last week I hit the lowest of the low but thanks to many great friends I was able to rebound, reboot and I’m back on track. I also got a boost from the fact I got to sign a contract for my story, Purple Vine Flowers. This story will appear in the Urban Green Man Anthology being published by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. Hurrah! Nothing like a reminder of a story sale when you’re down in the dumps about your writing to pick you right back up again. Thanks to EDGE and editors Janice Blaine and Adria Laycraft for including my story in this intriguing collection.

There’s a facebook group for the anthology where lots of great photos get posted, like the ones in this post. You can find the facebook group here: Urban Green Man Short Fiction Anthology.  The anthology has its own website here: Urban Green Man Anthology  and I’ve included below a list of the table of contents. See? I really do have a story in it! I’m excited for this anthology to come out, I think it’s going to be a fantastic collection.


Evergreen by Susan MacGregor
The Gift by Susan Forest
Sap and Blood by Martin Rose
The Green Square by dvsduncan
Awake by Peter Storey
Breath Stirs in the Husk by Eileen Wiedbrauk
Green Apples by Rhiannon Held


The Grey Man by Randy McCharles
Mr. Green by Gary Budgen
Whithergreen by Karlene Tura Clark
Cui Bono by Eric James Stone
Fallow God by Maaja Wentz
Green Man She Restless by Billie Milholland


Purple Vine Flowers by Sandra Wickham
Exile by Mark Russell Reed
Without Blemish by Celeste Peters
Waking the Holly Kin Eileen Donaldson
Deer Feet by Michael J. DeLuca
Buried in the Green by Heather M. O’Connor
The Forest Lord by Sarina Dorie


Greentropy by Calie Voorhis
Abandon All… by Goldeen Ogawa
Green Salvage by Miriah Hetherington
The Ring of Life by Nu Yang
Cottage on the Bluff Michael Healy
Johnny Serious Satyros Phil Brucato
Fun Sucker by Suzanne Church


Greener Pastures by Micheal J. Martineck
Green Jack by Alyxandra Harvey
Green is Good by Karen Danylak
Neither Slumber Nor Sleep by Kim Goldberg



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2 responses to “Contract Means Warm Fuzzies

  1. This is so awesome, on every level. Looking forward to the anthology, and to more Sandra Stories!

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