Novel Writing is Fun, Right?

Isn’t it? I wasn’t so sure. Before I started this new novel I had super high levels of anxiety, which is crazy, right? It’s just a bunch of words put together to tell a story. After writing three novels, I was really feeling the pressure of getting this one “perfect.” The day I set for myself to begin, my palms were sweaty.  Was this the right novel for me to be writing? Is my setting right, are my characters right, is my plot going to work? Can I find the voice of the main character?

I felt the fear and did it anyway. Once I started writing, I loved it. I loved the character, I totally found her voice and the writing went quick and easy. It helped that I did my homework, with a lot of world building, plotting, outlining and character building.

It’s early times with only five days of writing and 10 000 words done, but I keep reminding myself, this is fun. F-U-N. I will probably need that reminder again in a couple of months, but what’s not fun about it? I’m making up worlds and characters, throwing crazy stuff at them and creating a story. If I have fun writing it, someone else is bound to have fun reading it. I hope. Right?

Clearly there will always be doubts as to the successful execution of the novel and the potential for it to go anywhere besides into my mom’s inbox. In the meantime, I’m having fun writing it.  Worse case, I’ve entertained myself for a few months. I’m going to continue to try and focus on the FUN. Life’s short and all that. I’ll keep you posted.



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8 responses to “Novel Writing is Fun, Right?

  1. The hard part is getting into the groove on any particular section… that’s my stance, but once you get the flow, you’re good till life stops ya!

    • My downfall is always not enough world building, so I get a little lost when there are gaps! I’m trying to be better about it.

      • Tell me about it… Lifehack had next to no world built into it. The first edition didn’t even name the country. One review seemed quite certain that it wasn’t set on earth… although I’m not quite sure how he filled the gaps with THAT idea. The following books, as well as the 2nd edition made things a little more clear with my earthbound made-up nation. By the end of the three books, it felt pretty fleshed out- but not specifically due to any intricate planning. 😛

  2. I spent a year writing a a year editing my first novel. I had a blast! It truly was fun!

  3. It was fun when I did the three-day novel last fall, until return to work on Tuesday.

  4. I’m loving writing my novel (new fiction writer here). Trouble is, I get TOO keen on the characters and am tempted just to keep on writing their stories. It takes a lot of self-discipline for me to get it all back into shape.

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