Novel Stage Fright

I’m about to embark on yet another novel writing adventure. This will be my fourth since 2008. It took me a long time and false starts to decide what to write next and I was really excited to get started on it. I’ve done my outlining, plotting and almost all my world building. Now I’m about to start, I’m frozen with stage fright!

Is my overall concept a winner or loser? Am I writing the book I’m supposed to write? Will this one go anywhere? On and on the questions clutter my brain and make my fingers freeze up over the keyboard. I apologize to all my writing friends I’ve whined to about this and sent my pitch to for validation that I should actually write the dang thing. Thanks for telling me, yes, do it.

Does anyone else feel this way? I feel like I should be 100% excited about the new novel, that it’s a sure fire idea that’s going to have agents and editors jumping out of their seat to call me. Right? RIGHT?!! Clearly that’s not the case.  I hope feeling the fear and doing it anyway also applies to writing novels. I guess there’s nothing left to do but take the stage.

To quote Gimli, “Certainty of death, small chance of success… What are we waiting for?” Wish me luck.



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8 responses to “Novel Stage Fright

  1. The start isn’t the stressful part for me, it’s about half way through.. “Is this making sense? Did I keep focused enough? Do I need more off-topic stuff to flesh it out? Is this going to end up long enough to bother publishing? EUGHAHAAA! How am I going to explain this all on the back cover???”

  2. Janka

    I keep telling myself first drafts are allowed to suck. Do a brain dump. Fix it later.

  3. Jeffrey Petersen

    I already know a little bit of what it’s about, and it’s going to be AWESOME!

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