Guilt. (What is it Good For?) Absolutely Nothing…

We’ve been told by self-help gurus over and over that guilt is a useless emotion. Guess what? It’s true and it also applies to when you’re not perfect with your health and nutrition plans. I’ve dealt with this so many times with clients. I have the secret answer for you. It’s not a big deal!

Don’t let one missed workout or eating something you know you shouldn’t have sabotage the rest of your efforts! Here’s what happens. You feel the guilt, you feel terrible about yourself. You feel like you failed. You get down on yourself and sometimes give up, permanently.

Most commonly, we think, “Heck, I already messed up today, I might as well throw the day away and eat whatever I want.” Then your one mistake turns into a much bigger one. “I already missed one workout this week, might as well miss the rest and start again next week.” We know how this goes right? Next week comes and you don’t get back on the program and before you know it, you completely fall off your plan.

OR we try and overcompensate. “I ate that food I wasn’t supposed to, I’m going to eat nothing but vegetables tomorrow.” That never works out and isn’t good for you. “I missed a workout, I’m going to do two workouts tomorrow!” If you actually do both workouts in one day, you end up over trained, extremely tired or injured and that interferes with continuing to your goals.

So what are you supposed to do when you screw up your workout or nutrition plan? Get over it! Move on! Dust yourself off and just get right back on the wagon you fell off of. Don’t use it as an excuse to let everything slide. There’s NO NEED to beat yourself up over it. Everyone slips, everyone makes mistakes.

What you need to do is learn from that slip up (did you not have enough meals prepared ahead of time? Is working out at that time of day not cohesive with your schedule?) and make the changes you need to make so it happens less often in the future. Notice I didn’t say, so it never happens again, because it will. Life happens. The best thing you can do for yourself is acknowledge the slip up and get right back on track.

Guilt? Useless. Picking yourself up and getting right back at it? Priceless.



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3 responses to “Guilt. (What is it Good For?) Absolutely Nothing…

  1. Great blog you have here. Subbed!

  2. Mmmm…I wonder if this post has anything to do with an email you may have received earlier this week…;)

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