Creativity Through Story Telling Cards

I’m excited about my new storytelling cards that just arrived! Not trying to sound like an advertisement, I’m definitely not getting paid for talking about the cards, but I really like them and thought some fellow writers might be interested in them too!

A little while ago I stole my mom’s set of OH cards, which are two decks of cards used together. The larger card has a word around it, the smaller card is a painted picture. When you put them together, it can spark discussion, reflection and storytelling.

OH cards

There are many ways to use the cards. You can use them in groups for story telling, for personal reflection or for getting your imagination flowing. They’re used all over the world for different purposes including early education, therapy and counselling, social issues, teamwork and creativity in the workplace, as well as creativity for writers. I’ve used the OH cards to help me out of some story ruts, I know lots of writers who use tarot cards for the same reason.

When I found out there were MORE decks, I couldn’t resist. The Mythos deck is a set of 55 water-coloured pictures that “portraying scene, back-drops and requisites belonging to the realm of myth and legend.” Again, it can be played as a story telling game with a group of people in several different ways or used alone like creative solitaire.

Mythos Deck

The Saga deck is similar, these “depict characters, scenes and objects from a land and time that never was yet always is.”  Both decks can be used together.

Saga Deck

I’m excited to put them to use. You can check out all the decks at the OH website and about all the methods and studies at the OH Cards Institute Website.

Whatever works, right?

EDIT: I forgot to mention the artist! Both decks were done by Canadian artist Ely Raman. You can see his profile on the OH website HERE.



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2 responses to “Creativity Through Story Telling Cards

  1. A friend of mine put out a similar product. I found them useful for roleplaying game purposes.

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