Blogging Plan

My friend Amy Sundberg gave a great talk on social media this year at the Rainforest Writers Retreat. She told us about her  four pillar system to support your social media. The first should be a website or blog and the other three can be any you choose. The important thing is to choose ones you like and will use consistently, but have at least one of those that you will do no matter how crazy life gets.

I really enjoyed blogging when I was doing it regularly. Then, I fell of it  because I froze up over the pressure of, “no one is reading this, why should I keep blogging?” After hearing Amy’s talk, I realized I’d been thinking about it the wrong way. I CAN blog and attract an audience. I need to start focusing on blog posts that people will want to come read. I think I can do that. (whoops, confidence slip again!)  Amy told us to focus on having a consistent voice in your blogging, then people will come along with you on different topics and even if you don’t blog that often, they’ll still follow along.

However, I confess right now I am doing something you’re NOT supposed to do in your blogging, which is to keep blogging about how you haven’t blogged in a while. This is it, I promise.

Amy also suggests trying themed days of the week, which really appealed to me since there are so many things I’m doing in my life, it would give me a chance to talk about them in a structure way. I’ve decided to write about all things writing on Tuesdays, do a Health Ally post on Thursdays (stay tuned for how that came about and what it means!) and if there’s other fun stuff going on in my life (as there often is!) I’ll post those on other days. Sound like a plan? Great. Now let’s see if I can do it. Wish me luck.

Thanks again to Amy for such an inspiring talk. You can check out Amy’s blog here: The Practical Free Spirit.



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2 responses to “Blogging Plan

  1. I’ve missed your blog posts and greedily WANT MORE. Therefore, I heartily endorse this plan of action.

    (hmm…. now contemplating my own haphazard blogging…..)

  2. Awww. Thanks for the encouragement, Galen!! 🙂

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