Interview with Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress on AISFP

My interview with Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress is up at Adventures in SciFi Publishing! I sat down with Walter and Nancy at the Taos Toolbox workshop I attended for two weeks in June. Thanks to both of them for taking time out to chat with me. You can listen to the episode here: Episode 172.

I have officially joined the Adventures in SciFi Publishing crew (yay!) and will be recording more interviews, posting articles and adding my two cents to the podcast introduction from time to time. I’ve been a fan of Shaun Farrell and his podcast for years, I’m honoured (and a little freaked out) to now be a part of the team.

There are great things happening at AISFP right now! It’s much more than a fabulous podcast, there are giveaways, book reviews and articles on the website. I’ll highlight a few for you here. Enjoy and please send us feedback when you get a chance. 

FREE BOOKS! It’s been far too long since we gave away some bling. . . . ok, maybe paper doesn’t ‘bling’, but you know what I mean. Tor is graciously giving away 5 copies of THIEFTAKER by D.B. Jackson. To enter, simply tweet something about @aisfppodcast being the place to be for author interviews and book giveaways. You can also use facebook or your personal blog, but make sure we can see what you posted so your entry is counted.

The Hollow City by Dan Wells –  Matt Hughes reviews the Hollow City by Dan Wells. (yay!)

Discussion In Episode 171, the crew discusses the tragic shooting in Colorado and questions what role artists and creators have in inspiring or encouraging acts of violence. We would love to hear your opinion on this topic, which is large and difficult to approach. We do our best.

My First Episode! The guys throw me a surprise Flash Round in honour of my love of doing the same to the authors I interview.



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