Today I Turn 40

Holy cow, when did that happen?! I definitely believe this is a huge milestone worth celebrating and bragging about. As I look back, I realize over the last four decades I’ve had some interesting route markers along the way.

  • After high school I went to University and earned a combined honours degree in English and Drama
  • After University I drove across country to Whistler and lived there for a season, working for the mountain and snowboarding.
  • From there I packed my bags once again and headed overseas. By myself, I backpacked New Zealeand and Australia for over a year.
  • While in Australia, I competed in my first fitness competition. That began my ten year long competitive fitness career. I eventually became a professional athlete in the IFBB and competed around the world.
  • In the meantime I met and married a fantastic man and together we put on one of the biggest physique competitions in the country.
  • Since 2008 I’ve gone back to writing and have sold three short stories and written three novels.

I’m looking forward to the next big markers to come and I have a feeling some very big ones are just on the horizon.

What I am most excited about with turning forty, is now I believe I have the right to yell at kids to get off my lawn and to tell those young whipper snappers who think they know better than me to shut up and respect their elders!

My forties are going to be fun.




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    you are one hella badass amazing woman.

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