Mexicats and Mexikitties (must love cats)

I really have to get back to blogging so I thought I’d kick off 2012 with pictures of kittens to melt your hearts. If it doesn’t melt your heart, you need to get that checked.

Before leaving on our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we arranged to visit a cat shelter there called the Purr Project. One of their volunteers, David, goes out once a week to visit the cats and agreed to take us on the twenty-five minute drive to the shelter. Once there, we were immediately mobbed by friendly kittens! They have two hundred cats at this shelter which runs on donations and they do their best to get as many cats adopted out to good homes as they can. They have a vet clinic on site to make sure no more little kitties are being born and to look after any sick animals. It’s a really great organization and we’re so glad we were able to spend some time with these adorable cats. We took them a bag of crochet blankets I made, some toys and some treats. Here’s some photos from our visit.

David who drove us out and gave us a tour of the shelter:

Ross and a little kitten that couldn’t get enough attention:

Ross set his backpack on a chair and this little guy really wanted to come back with us!

We didn’t find out this one’s name, but stuck out his tongue when you pet him and he loved to give head butts.

Treat time!!! (I should’ve brought a bigger bag!)

One of the blankets I made:

A few potraits of the Purr Project residents waiting for a good home:

How’s that heart holding up? Go hug your pets, or better yet, visit a local shelter asap!



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5 responses to “Mexicats and Mexikitties (must love cats)

  1. melting! i’m melting from the cuteness!! you are so awesome, sandra. what an amazing trip (what amazing kitties!)

  2. I want them all! 😦


  3. they are so cute 🙂

  4. what an adorable post! I’m so glad you went.

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