Vamping at VCon

I’m really tired, which is a good sign that I had a great time this past weekend at VCon 36! I got to dress up as a vampire for the Book Launch to read from Evolve, I sat on six panels, spent time talking to some great authors and enjoyed a few (ahem) drinks with friends. Larry Niven was this year’s author Guest of Honour and I got to be on two panels with him. To say that was crazy is an understatement. I can’t wait to brag about it to my oldest brother, Wes. 😉

Here’s some quick highlights and pictures. (I never take enough pictures!)

I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend and be on a panel with Phoebe Kitanidis, pronounced “kitten eat us.” What? Don’t give me that look, that’s what she told us. Pheobe is the author of the YA novel Whisper. She’s simply fabulous! I can’t wait to read her book and I’m hoping to run into her at some cons in the future. You can learn more about her here: Phoebe Kitanidis and follow her on twitter here: @phoebekitanidis.

I got to chat with some awesome authors like Rhea Rose, Mary Choo, Linda Demeulemeester (still can’t pronounce her name), Casey Wolf, Donna McMahon, Lynda Williams, and Eileen Kernaghan as well as EDGE publishers Brian and Anita Hades and Ian Alexander Martin from Atomic Fez. I also got to hang out and have a few drinks with Joseph Picard who I met last year at VCon and we’ve continued to stay in touch online. Joe is a writer and all around hilarious dude. You can find his books and other shannanigens, here at You have to check out “Ozero versus The Ninjas,” which he describes as “The epic tale of a guy stuck in a wheelchair (me), and one of many struggles against the ninjas which attack me frequently, and how my wife refuses to believe.”

The book launch was fun, we got to hear a lot of great authors and I took full advantage of the occassion to dress up in my new vampire costume. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to get a full shot of the whole costume!!

With my friends and writing partners, Leanne (also in Evolve2!) and Kristi (also on panels at VCon).

By wonderful coincidence, the Vampire panel I was on was scheduled for after the Book Launch so I stayed in my costume while we went to get a drink at the bar, here’s my Inkpunk Erika Holt, all the way from Calgary, and Leanne and Kristi absorbed in conversation.

Here I am on the vampire panel, I don’t know what the heck I’m saying, but I just thought they were funny pics.

Here’s Kristi on her VERY first panel at a convention, The Science Flaw! I was like a proud mom. She did a GREAT job and I did notice on both her panels, even the panelists were asking her questions. That’s how hard she rocks!

Overall, a great con and I look forward to VCon 37 next year!



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