This weekend, September 30th to October 2nd, is VCON, Vancouver’s premier science fiction and fantasy convention. I’m excited to be even more involved this year, with six panels, a book launch (for which I will be dressing up as a vampire and reading from Evolve 2!) and an official reading time slot all to myself! I’m on some interesting panels, I’m really looking forward to “Old School Vampires,” “Strong in Body, Stronger in Mind,” (the fitness for creative people panel I introduced last year), “Food in SF,” and “Writing About Fighting.”

VCON was the first convention I attended back in 2008 and they happened to have two author guests of honour that year, Kelley Armstrong and Patrick Rothfuss. I learned SO much from both of them and had such a great overall experience at the convention, it sparked my love of conventions where I have met some of my closest friends and writing partners.

If you happen to be in the Vancouver area, come join us! Here’s a link to the VCON website. If you are going to be there, come visit me at the book launch on Friday night or stop in for my reading on Saturday! I will be giving out candies and chocolate. That’s right. I’m not above giving out bribes to have people come listen to me read, though I might make us all go to the hotel gym after. (kidding!) I promise you a sugar high and lots of laughs. Hope to see you there!


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