Cat Shelter Trip

I belong to a fabulous group of people, called the Creative Geeks. We meet up to do crafty projects together and we decided to make cat blankets for Katie’s Place cat shelter where one of our Geeks volunteers. A few of us headed out to the shelter with the blankets, donations and strict pacts between us that we wouldn’t bring any cats home. No, I didn’t bring any home, though I desperately wanted to!

Since I’ve committed to blogging three times a week, I thought I’d share the day with you. If you’re a cat lover, I apologize in advance for the adorable shelter kitten pics. I’ll warn you, you’re going to want to go rescue them all!!

I made five blankets for this trip, here are the last three. My blanket tester was being a diva and didn’t want her picture taken.

All blankets and donations ready to go! My mom gave me some old towels and cat food to take as well, I donated some of our old cats toys that certain cats turn their noses up at, some food and cleaning supplies. 🙂

Here’s Margaret, our Geek connection at the shelter (she volunteers there!), one of the kitties and the organizer of the Creative Geeks, our Borg Queen, Serena.

This is kind of a long shot showing the different rooms for the cats and the set up they have.

I wanted to take pictures of every single cat but my memory card filled up while I was there because it’s full of pictures of our cats. Figures. Here’s the ones I did get.

This guy I just thought was gorgeous and as soon as I got close, he started purring. A lot of them did that and it makes me want to go back and pet them every day, poor little things.

Cat in a box!!!

One of the volunteers brought out a toy I’d brought and gave it to this little girl. She played with it and immediately claimed it. When I walked away, they were trying to see if she would give it up and she wouldn’t!

They’re definitely well fed there. This big boy came up to me and flopped right down for a belly rub and wasn’t shy about enjoy it!


I didn’t even find out the name of this guy or girl, but we definitely bonded.

Of all the cats, these were the ones that got to me the most. They have one room that’s all cats with FIV (feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (feline leukemia virus), meaning they probably don’t have long to live. They were the sweetest, cuddliest bunch, who, according to one of the volunteers, always get along without any hissing or fighting.

I sat down and the two of them each took a turn on my lap.

This guy was also super friendly inside. When I went out to the open air room to see the other FIV/FeLV cats, all three of them followed me out and stuck close. When I put my purse down, he curled right up against it. The black cat laid at my feet. If I didn’t already have two cats, I wouldn’t taken these three home to give them the best possible home for the time they had left.

This girl was out in the open part of the shelter with the volunteers on a big cushy chair. The reason? She has stomach cancer, so she was being spoiled. Margaret told us one person brought her chicken nuggets that day and that a couple of people were bringing her smoked salmon. Sounds like she’ll continue to be spoiled until the last possible second.

I’m going to start making new blankets and I’m going to go back out to visit the cats as soon as I can. I hope I’ll get to see my FIV and FeLV friends again.

Thanks for sharing this with me and if you get a chance, pop in to your local pet shelter! They always need help, donations and if you can’t adopt a pet, they’d love someone to visit them. 🙂



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5 responses to “Cat Shelter Trip

  1. Wonderful stuff, Sandra! Thanks for caring for the kittehs! FIV cats can have a pretty long life span. It makes them more susceptible to illness, but they don’t always get ill. We have an FIV-positive cat who’s seven or eight, and he’s pretty healthy. FeLV, though, is another story, and a pretty sad one, often.

    • Thanks so much! I didn’t know which cat had which and didn’t really have the heart to ask. I am going to go back again after making another batch of blankets, so I’ll find out more of those kitteh names and more about them. 🙂

  2. G

    okay… this is… wow!! so warm and fuzzy and happy now. You rock sandra.

  3. What a fantastic post , Sandra. thanks so much for coming and spending time with the kitties. You are welcome back any time, of course. The kitties LOVE the company 😀

    Serena and I were with Sonny. He and his brother Willis are in the Penthouse 😀 ( all the rooms have names that have either been chosen by, or in honour of, one of our long-time volunteers).
    Don’t know the tabby, Maxie is in the box, Bambi is playing with the toy, not sure who that big tortie is, might be Honeybee, depending on which room you were in, Sybil bonded with you ( which is interesting, because she suits her name!), Barclay is the grey and white FIV, Sunshine is the black one, Juice is the orange tabby, and Bobbi Magee is the tortie with cancer. PHEW.

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