Kat Richardson Inteview Coming Up

Blogging? What’s that? Yes. I have fallen so far off the blogging wagon I never thought I could run fast enough to get back on it. But I’ve been given a kick in the pants to do a blog about the next episode of my podcast series “Sound Bites” being aired on Bitten By Books.

The interview I did with Kat Richardson, which happened at the Rainforest Writer’s Retreat rather late at night over impromptu Manhattans Kat made for us, (you gotta hear this one, it’s a blast!) will be up on Wed, August 10th. The fabulous people over at Bitten By Books have arranged with Kat to give away some GREAT prizes with the airing of the episode. You can RSVP to the event HERE AT BITTEN BY BOOKS and get an extra 25 points into the contest and then visit Bitten By Books on the 10th to listen to the episode!

See you there.


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