SPCA Blankets Ready to Go

It’s time to take another batch of blankets to the SPCA!

I’ve been working on using up all sorts of odds and ends of yarn (much of it donated by family, thank you!) and making new Snuggles blankets for our local animal shelter.  They have all been kitten tested and approved, I hope the shelter cats and dogs like them as well. (this picture took me two seconds to take-as soon as I put them on the ground, my cats go to them like magnets!)

I did have one more, but as soon as I put it down, our boy cat Spooky confiscated it and didn’t want to get off. It figures he’d pick the only WHITE blanket I made. As I made it I thought, this better go to a white dog or cat. Yeah, right.

For any needle crafters out there, I’m sure there’s an animal shelter nearby that would love some blankets!! It’s a GREAT way to use up random yarn and they don’t take long at all. I enjoy the challenge of seeing what odds and ends people donate to me I can put together to make a blanket. If you’re NEW to crocheting or knitting, it’s perfect because if you make mistakes, the dogs and cats don’t mind!!!

I’m off to see what yarn I have left for the next batch. 😉



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