Functional Nerds Podcast Interview

The Functional Nerds is a podcast for nerds, by nerds. I’m thrilled to have been invited to write a column there as the Fitness Nerd and I have a new post up about the importance of drinking water: Drink Up! It’s summer time for most of us, this is important information, so go check it out! 😉

The gentlemen at Functional Nerds also asked me to be a guest on their show and that interview went up today. To give you an idea of what the interview includes, here’s the write up directly from the Functional Nerds website:

“In episode 63 of the Functional Nerds, Patrick Hester and John Anealio sit down to chat with Author and Fitness Nerd Sandra Wickham.

With Sandra, we discuss: fitness, water, carbs, discipline, working out, writing, word count, staying fit, exercise, calories, tracking your goals with apps, the InkPunks, being the Fitness Nerd, competition and transitioning into writing.”

I had a great time talking to Patrick and John, I hope you’ll check it out. To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE!


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One response to “Functional Nerds Podcast Interview

  1. oh_awesome!! guess what is gonna be my unpacking soundtrack today… SANDRAWICKHAM!! woohoo!

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