Sound Bites Podcast

My new podcast series, Sound Bites for Bitten By Books has launched!!

Bitten By Books, the “paranormal review site with bite,” is a great site featuring author interviews, release parties, giveaways and book reviews. I noticed they didn’t have a podcast and talked to Rachel, the founder of the site about doing a podcast for them. I quickly realized there is so much going on at the site, it would be nearly impossible for me to keep up with them in a podcast with the delay in editing, producing etc.

Instead, I talked to Rachel into letting me do interviews with my favourite urban fantasy and paranormal authors, and that’s what I’ve done! I started things off by interviewing Rachel, since I thought it would be great to chat with her and to have fans of the site get to hear from her.

I have interviewed three authors so far, Kat Richardson, Diana Rowland and Mark Teppo. The podcast has a very “late night talk show over drinks” feel to it, thanks to the first author I interviewed, Kat Richardson, who made us both manhattans before we did the interview. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun and much hilarity ensued. We’ve nicknamed the podcast, Authors on Alcohol.

The episodes will air every two weeks on the site and I’ll continue to interview more authors whenever I get the chance to continue putting up new content every two weeks. The reason I’m calling it a series is I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up! So, it will be a series as long as I can keep bringing great content. 🙂

Rachel has been so fantastic with working with me and allowing me to do my own thing with the podcast. I’m very excited to bring this podcast series to urban fantasy fans!

Click here to go and listen to the inaugural episode of Sound Bites!!



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2 responses to “Sound Bites Podcast

  1. I’m a fan of authors on alcohol. That is all. 🙂

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