The Inkpunks Have a Forum!

I know there are a lot of places to go online, lots of social networks to keep up with and many sites offering great information and the last thing you probably need is another forum to belong to, but wait! Let me tell you about our group, the Inkpunks. You may have seen my posts linking to our blog, we are nine emerging writers, editors and creative minds who’ve come together as friends and colleagues to support one another. We share a blog together, but much more than that, we care about each other, encourage each other in our careers and spread the word about each of our successes.

We realize we’re very lucky to have found each other and now we’ve added a way for you to join in with our forum! It just went up recently and we really wanted to have a place to come and check in on word counts, editing progress etc. We have a section called “Accountabilibuddies” (yes, I stole that straight from South Park) where you can check in with others and stay accountable. (hence, the name). We also have a Lounge for when you want to talk about things that aren’t writing.

If you register and sign in to the forum, you’ll also see the Workshop section containing the Drawing Board, where you can discuss things that are giving you trouble with your writing and editing. Right now, fellow Inkpunk Adam has posted a writing exercise from Ursula K. Le Guin’s book “Steering the Craft: Exercises and Discussion on Story Writing for the Lone Navigator or the Mutinous Crew.” Members can do the exercise by themselves, or they’re free to post the results of the exercise.  

In the Drawing Board, we’ve also put up a section to find beta readers, so if someone has something they’d like another set of eyes for, they might be able to find one there.

Again, we just put it online so it’s very small right now, but we hope to invite great people (like you) to come and join in the fun. Just follow the link below to check it out. 🙂

The Inkpunks Forum


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