My Story on Crossed Genres: I Can’t Imagine

My story, I Can’t Imagine is up on Crossed Genres, Issue 30- Luck.

Go check it out! It also features How the Goddess Came to Spring Flowering Alley by my fellow Inkpunk Andrew Romine. There are some GREAT stories this issue (and every issue) so I hope you get a chance to read them.

I got back late last night from the World Horror Convention in Austin. It was yet another convention filled with valuable industry lessons learned. Speaking of, I did an Inkpunks post called “The Premise that Sells” based on a fantastic lesson learned during the PYR presentation by award winning editor Lou Anders at Norwescon. CHECK IT OUT HERE. It was also a weekend of time spent with fantastic friends (I can’t say enough about how fabulous my friends are and how grateful I am for all of them) and lots of new friends discovered.

Now, however, I need to unpack, detox and get caught up on real life. Good day to you. 😉


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  1. G


    And it was SO good to finally meet you! Go detox, rest up, get fresh, etc. Will be seeing YOU around 🙂

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