Spring/Summer 8 Week Virtual Boot Camp

I guess I should begin recruiting for the NEXT Virtual Boot Camp!! Our last session went great, I’m happy to report we had some fabulous success stories, so I’ve decided to do it again. Starting May 8th, it will be 8 weeks of ME kicking YOUR butt. I mean come on, how fun does that sound?? (tee hee)

If you’re interested or have any questions, let me know. Here’s the blurb from my website about it:

Want to get in better shape for the summer of 2011?

You can do it with a personalized workout program, including weekly check-ins and inspirational messages to keep you motivated throughout!

The bootcamp will be done entirely online via email. The group will start on the same day, but each participant will receive a personalized cardio and weight training program, suited to their goals, needs and schedule. The program can be designed for the gym, or to be done entirely at home, for as many or as few workouts per week as the particpant would like.

You can do the program on your own, or join in the private message board and connect with other participants.

Progress will be monitored by photographs at the beginning, mid-way point and conclusion, as well as weekly email check-ins. Programs will be modified if and when needed.

Start date: May 8th, 2011

Cost: Only $95!

(this is a steal of a deal!!)

The Virtual Bootcamp will include:

    An 8 Week Personalized Weight Program
    An 8 Week Personalized Cardio Program
    Weekly Participant Check-ins
    Physique Check and Program Reviews Throughout
    Extra Motivational Tools and Tips Throughout
    Group Support via a Private Discussion Board

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