Give Me Your Excuses!

For my next Fitness Nerd column for Functional Nerds I’m going to be addressing excuses for not working out and eating properly. Any excuses, all excuses, I will conquer them! As I said in my first column, “they’re just excuses, not reasons. Truly, there is no reason to be unhealthy.”

What excuses are holding you back from a healthier life, keeping you from eating better, from improving your level of fitness? Hit me. I can take it. (well, I’d be careful on that one, I know how to hit back now)

I will take as many excuses as I can and turn it around to say why it’s not an excuse and what you can do about it.

Note to the jokers, if you’re really funny, I mean REALLY funny, I might give you an equally witty response. Otherwise, I’m looking for honest, straight up excuses as to what gets in the way of someone achieving a happy, healthy, optimally functional life.









Thanks for your help!



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4 responses to “Give Me Your Excuses!

  1. Fiona

    Oh I have many excuses. My husband’s favourites are “But I walked around at work today.” and “But I’m really stressed can’t I just have “.
    My favourite at the moment is a simple two words: “I’m pregnant”.

  2. Bear Weiter

    Headache – though I’ve actually found that as long as it’s not a completely debilitating, the headache is gone about halfway through the workout, so I don’t ever really let it stop me.

  3. I’m REALLY lazy.


    PS – Also, scoliosis, but I could work around that if it wasn’t for the laziness.

  4. Julia

    … sometimes I’m just saying, knowing I am fooling myself: «I am not thaaaat bad….» … But, I am getting better at NOT saying, when I want a treat «I deserve it»… I’m just treating myself with something else then food 🙂

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