Cruise Pics Set Five

It’s a sad day when the vacation comes to an end. We kept the vacation alive after we got off the ship with a trip to the Florida everglades. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was beautiful and scary at the same time. We went out on an airboat and saw two alligators! Our captain splashed a rope in the water and one of them came right up to the side of the boat! Meanwhile, she told us not to point or wave our hands over the water, and that the alligators can attack in a flash. Nervous, much?!

This is not a zoom lens! LOL. This alligator was right beside us…

They also had an animal reserve with baby alligators, snakes, tortoises, pigs, peacocks, bunnies, and this GORGEOUS florida panther named Mia:

This is the only Gator wrestling we did…

The next morning we had to get up early to catch our flight(s) back to Seattle, followed by our drive home.

Definitely a trip to remember…to deal with our post vacation blues we’re searching for our next cruise! 😉


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