Cruise Pics Set Four

On the Friday of our cruise we had our only stop where we had to take tenders to the island of Half Moon Cay. Another gorgeous island, this one owned and operated by the cruise lines. Only 35-40 people live on the island, all staff. Our only complaint were with the staff..who were NOT friendly at all, bordering on rude. I think they thought it was “their” island. Really? Anyway…we had a couple of excursions planned, a kayak trip and more snorkelling. (Ross took this picture through a “hold” in the pirate ship on the island)

We didn’t think to take the camera out on the kayak, but we found out there were little packs behind the seats, so we could’ve. Good to know for next time. It was a GORGEOUS trip around the different bays on the far side of the island. The water was a bit choppier in the open spots, so it was a team effort workout as well. We took pics after and no, we didn’t go jet skiing, though that looked fun too!

After returning we checked out the sting ray encounter, but were glad we did it in Grand Turk instead in the ocean, rather than in the “pen” they had set up there.

Next, the cruise crew through a big barbeque, which we of course took full advantage of…

Then we had another snorkel excursion. It did start to rain a bit, and the tempature dropped, but we toughed it out and went out with a small group. I ended up not lasting very long in the water…it was too c-c-c-cold!! For future colder water, I’ll get a rash shirt like Ross bought in Grand Turk. (notice the long sleeves = smiling, bikini=not so much)

By the time we got back to the island, most people had headed to the ship or were in line for the tenders due to the rain. That didn’t stop us. We still played frisbee on the beach and Ross even got in a little baskettball, while I hid in a shelter. 😉

Back on board, big surprise, it was time to eat again! We had another lovely meal in the dining room with Ross’ parents. (yummy!)

The ship would then cruise all night and arrive back in Ft Lauderdale on Sat morning. That would have been the end of our trip, except Ross’ dad treated us to a trip to the Florida everglades!! (very cool) I’ll post those pics next. 🙂


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  1. Boo for staff, yay for playing in the water! 😛

    *Awaits further pics*


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