Cruise Pics Set Two

I’m surprised I’m not carrying my cruise pictures around to show everyone I run into, friends or strangers. But I’ll settle for blogging them. 😉

Our next port of call after Grand Turks was San Juan. We decided to do an excursion that would take us to the El Yunque Rainforest for a hike to a waterfall. The description said it was a 45 minute hike to the waterfall and a 45 minute hike back out. Great! We went ahead of the group and reached the waterfall…in 15 minutes! No, we weren’t power walking or running, it just wasn’t that long a hike. Once the rest of the group came to the waterfall, we asked our guide if we could continue hiking up. He gave us ten minutes to hike up so we did that, then hiked all the way back. It was a fabulous hike, if a little short. It felt like being dropped into Jurassic Park III, the trees, the sounds, I thought a pterodactyl was going to swoop down and carry me off by my backpack!

Once we got back to Old San Juan, we had a bit of time left and decided to take the seaside walk that goes around the
Castillo San Cristobal Fort. I’d heard the commentary by the ship’s travel guide as we pulled into San Juan and she said you might see some feral cats that live there. We thought, great! We can walk around the entire fort and maybe see some cats. SOME CATS?!!!! We probably saw FIFTY cats on the seawalk, sunning on the rocks, and hanging out in the grass and bush areas on the other side of the path. Some ran and hid when we walked by, some stared us down and we knew better than to try to approach them and some came right up to us. I’ve never seen so many cats at once. Never. They were all colours, from pure white or black to “burnt umber”, orange and grey tabby. There’s a group of volunteers who feeds them and cares for them, we saw lots of food sitting out for the little guys. We did capture a few of them on film, but there were just too many and it started to get dark. If you like cats, you’ll like these pics. If you don’t like cats, skip this part. 😛

Oh yeah. And we got a great look at the fort.

We didn’t leave San Juan till later and we tired after all the hiking and walking, so all we did was hit the buffet (and hit it HARD!). After we came back from dinner that night we found this waiting for us in our room. Another great day, with another early morning excursion the next day…more photos to come!! 😉


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One response to “Cruise Pics Set Two

  1. So many kitties!!! 😀

    Great pics, Swick. 🙂


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