Rubbing It In-Cruise Pictures Set One

We’re back from the beautiful Caribbean and I have an overwhelming urge to post photos to show off what a fantastic time we had. Because that’s what you do when you come back from an incredible holiday, right?! Just like our last cruise, we did so many great things, hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, sightseeing, that I couldn’t possibly post all the pictures at once. Our days and nights were jammed packed and I made sure to get lots of pics to remember it all. (I’m sparing you the full number of pictures we took, that would be ridiculous) So once again, I’ll post them day by day and that way I’ll get to relive our cruise now that we’re back on dry land and having to face real life. (awwww)

We flew from Vancouver to Ft Lauderdale, stayed the night and boarded the, sorry, ship. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to call it a boat. The first thing we did was check out our spa stateroom which had healthy extras like a pilates dvd and yoga met (never got to use them) organic bath robes, a water fountain feature, pedometer, a special breakfast menu and vitamin water. (you know, cuz we’re sort of healthy type people) Not only that, it had an extraodinary view out the very front of the b– ship.

After that, second priority of course, was eating. I’m proud to say I am still on my streak from last cruise and I had ice cream every day. EVERY day! The food was fantastic.

Third thing we did was go to the Explorations Cafe. Similar to our last cruise, the Holland America Eurodam has a library/games room/cafe that we love. Ross found a book to read, then a puzzle to work on.

I didn’t bring a book on this trip (except my own to edit) because I was expecting to find one in the ship’s library to read for the week. I’d hoped to find something great, and I did! I found a book by Terry Brooks that I didn’t even know existed, a continuation to his Landover series that I love. A Princess of Landover is the the first book in the series for over a decade and it was a great addition to the trip!!

The ship sailed all night and in the morning we docked at Grand Turk, while we enjoyed our in room dining breakfast (we did that every day!) and watched out the window.

We had an early morning “Reef and Ray” excursion, where we went out snorkelling on a reef and then pulled right up on a small island to play with the sting rays. We got up close and personal with them, even had the guys hold them so we could kiss them. (what, it’s good luck!) Unfortunately we don’t have those pics yet, which, maybe is for the better.

After our excursion we still had time to shop and sit on the beach. We walked down to a small shop and found a few locals we just had to get pictures of.

Then some beach time before boarding:

That day was also Valetine’s and our anniversary, so we went to one of the restaurants on the ship, followed by a show on the mainstage, this night happened to be a fantastic magician.

Phew! And that was just the first two days!! More rubbing it in photos to come. 😉



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3 responses to “Rubbing It In-Cruise Pictures Set One

  1. First of all, JEALOUS!!!

    Second of all… Nah, I can’t get past the jealous part. 😛


  2. I’m not sure what the crap you’re about to take a bite of in that pic, but I’m pretty sure I’m traumatized by it.

    Other than that, I have nothing to say, other than the resentment sequence has been initiated, and will commence in 3, 2, 1…now.


    • It’s pink cotton candy! A big ol’ plate of it. They bring it to every table just before dessert. YUM.

      I’m going to stretch out these pics as long as I can, to drag out the resentment till the next brilliant trip. (it’s just so fun to torment you)

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