Finishing Things Weekend

Every so often, someone in our group of writing friends suggests a Finishing Things Weekend. If others agree to participate, someone then makes a formal declaration. Fellow Inkpunk Morgan Dempsey (@geardrops) has officially declared THIS to be a Finishing Things Weekend.

So what does that mean? It means finishing up all those projects we have on the go. That short story WIP, that other short story that needs another set of revisions, that book about writing you’ve been trying to read, the agents you’ve been meaning to query…all those sorts of things. There are no hard and fast rules. Weekend could mean just Saturday and Sunday, or Friday to Sunday. For me, it’s going to mean from right now until we leave for Vegas on Sunday. (yesss!) It doesn’t matter how many projects you take on, or what they are.

Do you have things you’d really like to finish? Why not join in? All you have to do is get in gear and get it done!!

If want to stay accountable or just check in and you’re on twitter, you can use the #inkpunks hashtag and/or #FTW. If you’re not a tweeter, you can check in with me here, but you don’t need to check in at all to succeed at Finishing Things Weekend. Just do it! 😉


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One response to “Finishing Things Weekend

  1. I’m guessing that finishing off a six-pack of Victory Hop Wallop doesn’t coutn for this, huh…?

    Oh, fine. I’ll finish a flash fiction and a short story this weekend. You happy? Sheesh!

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