Evolve 2

I have great news! My story has been accepted by Nancy Kilpatrick for the *NEW* Evolve anthology coming out.

*and the crowd goes wild*

My experience with the first Evolve anthology has been an incredible one. Launch parties, book tours, working with Nancy and sitting next to one of my favourite authors, Kelley Armstrong at a signing to name a few. I’m very excited for this new anthology to come out, as I know several of my friends have also been accepted. The entire table of contents is still a mystery, soon to be revealed. Nancy had said she’d already asked some authors from around the world to contribute (which left fewer spots open for the rest of us!!) so I’m feeling the tingle of anticipation about who else I will be sharing a table of contents with.

If you don’t have YOUR copy of Evolve yet, you better get it so you’ll be ready for the next generation!! You can visit the webiste here: Vampires-evolve.com or find it in your local bookstore!

Stay tuned for updates…. 😉



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6 responses to “Evolve 2

  1. G

    omg yay!!! (purchasing my copy STAT!)

  2. Congratulations, good lady!

    Now the real question is…will you do another vamp pose with the next anthology? The world waits with bated breath…. 🙂

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