InkPunks Blog Post

Today was my turn to post on our Inkpunks site at If you haven’t seen me post or tweet about the inkpunks before..WELL, let me tell you. We’re an AWESOME group of seven writers (soon to be eight as we absorb another) who came together through fate, destiny, chance, stupid luck, whatever you want to call it. We support each other through our writing projects, cheering, listening, encouraging, as well as life’s challenges.

We decided (ahem, it was my idea! What?!) to start a blog together to share what we learn in our burgeoning writing careers as well as our enthusiasm and passion for the written word. We take turns posting and so far it’s been a great experience.

Today is my day. So I’m sending y’all over there to check it out. My post: The Author’s Voice. Have you found yours? This might help. Go check it out and of course, leave me a comment!!


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