Urban Fantasy Chat on Twitter

I am posting this blog in an attempt to win books from #UFchat on twitter. That’s right, I have no shame.

But did you hear what I said? Free books! Just for participating in the #UFchat on twitter. Well, and answering some questions and/or doing said blog. For those of you who are not sold on twitter yet, I hold this up as evidence number three that you should join. (Number one is the amazing people I’ve met, opportunities it’s brought, number two is staying in touch with the writing world and have them keep me motivated, writing and improving!) Did I mention free books? How great is that. So, when you get on twitter, I insist you do a search for #UFchat and then follow all those involved!

The discussion today was all about Christmas and the paranormal. I quickly learned how little I know about holiday traditions, tales and beliefs.

Do you know who Krampus is? If you do, then you’re ahead of me. In European lore, he’s a dark companion (most often depicted as a demon) that rides along with Santa who warns the naughty children. (or worse, depending on which legend you read) There’s a wikipedia entry and everything.

The other tale (pun intended) I hadn’t heard about is the Yule Cat. How could I not know this one?!! The Yule cat goes back to the Nineteenth Centry, and there are many different versions of the story. Basically, if you worked hard, you’re either left alone and not eaten (always nice) or given a new piece of clothing (also nice). If you were lazy, you got nothing, or were eaten.

The point of discussing these traditions as readers and writers of Urban Fantasy, was to think of ways holiday traditions and folklore could be used in stories. I may just have to write about a meeting between the Yule Cat and Krampus.

Happy holidays #UFchat, thanks for a great discussion!




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2 responses to “Urban Fantasy Chat on Twitter

  1. Does the Yule Cat speak like a LOLcat? Cuz I can’t really get nervous about a horse-sized kitty that says things like, “I can haz bite of u nao?”

    I guess I should read the Wiki on that, huh?

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