Dental Surgery Day

Need I say more? This has been a nightmare. I had a root canal on this tooth in May. It took TWO sessions, (4 needles, 2 hours long, drilling, scrapping, removing roots each time..) plus of course the temporary filling and then crown. But I still had pain. I went back, he shaved down the crown, just in case. I went back. He did it again, then told me, we’d have to do the root canal again. My reaction, of course, was to freak out. He said, it’s no big deal. Apparently to him, no big deal was another 4 needles and over an hour of drilling and scrapping. After, still pain. Let’s try antiobiotics. Did that, went back, still pain.

So, now I’m going to an Endodontist today. This is what I’m having done. YES, I am sharing these photos so that you too can cringe and experience a bit of my pain. You’re welcome.

With so many dentist appointments, I do have my coping mechanisms well set in place.

While at the dentist:

1. I have a book in my hands at all times to disappear into at any opportunity, and probably clutch throughout the procedure. (I usually take The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle)

2. I have my ipod with relaxing music on it.

3. I’ll be wearing my own sunglasses to cut down the blaring light in my face.

I also have a plan that helps me by having something to look forward to and to make myself better when I get home.

1. I’m taking the rest of the day off.

2. I have my latest crochet project by the bed.

3. My Buffy discs are cued and ready to go.

4. I have protein shakes and bendy straws at the ready.

5. I’m blogging about it so lots of people will send their wishes and sympathy. 😉

IF you don’t hear from me again, please, remember me fondly. Then track down these *bleeping* dentists and kill them.

Thank you.


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  1. G

    hang in there woman :-/

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