The Reward System

I’m finally getting back into the groove of first draft writing. I’ve been editing so much lately, or just writing short stories, that returning to sitting down and writing 2000 words on a novel in one sitting was tough! Part of the reason I got my mojo back is that I remembered I’m extremely motivated by the reward system, the carrot on a stick method. It’s definitely something that works for me.

Maybe it’s because I’m still such a child?! LOL. You may be thinking, but writing is it’s own reward, isn’t it? Maybe in the long run, but short term, I need the extra kick in the pants!! It doesn’t have to be a huge reward, just something small. And frequent. I need more than just a “when I finish this novel I’m going on a shopping spree!” Sometimes I need hour by hour rewards. “If I sit here and write till 4:00pm, I’m going to get up and make some tea.” Then I make it through that hour. After that, “if I reach my 2000 word goal for today, I’m going to watch an episode of Buffy!”

I’m glad I remembered how to manipulate myself in this way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you use the reward system? In what way? PLEASE don’t tell me you use food. *hangs her head*  I know I’ll probably get it for that, but just think, if you’re always rewarding yourself with treats, and you write every day..that’s a LOT of treats..building up..over time. I just had to slip that in, cuz that’s what I do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy writing and don’t forget to reward yourself! 



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2 responses to “The Reward System

  1. Pfft. Food. Food rewards are for pansies. I reward myself with alcohol.

    (Much healthier, see?)


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